Fortune Favours The Infinitely Powerful

‘Fortune favours the infinitely powerful’, as I like to say. Fortune always favours the infinitely powerful. When a goal has been staunchly achieved, regardless of the mighty obstructions that have been put in place precisely for that reason, then this demonstrates to everyone concerned that you have special kudos (or QDOS) with regard to which people will often or at least sometimes express their considerable approval. ‘This is great’, they will say, ‘this is most splendid to be sure’. Some will be envious of your outstanding kudos – they will say that you didn’t do it right and that they could have done it better. Or they might say that the devil was helping you, that he was aiding you in your achievements and so on. They might say that you’re some kind of disgusting drug addict or pervert. All sorts of things like this they might say but – really –  they’re just jealous of you because they are so tiresomely ineffective in themselves. They resent you deeply and they want your kudos for themselves. ‘Good things are going to happen’, you hear. Good things are going to happen, and angels will help you. Tidings such as these can raise your spirits, you see. They can stop you looking so glum, as you are rather prone to. Positive thinking can imbue you with that very special type of confidence, that very special type of confidence that means you can never be wrong. You can afford to be in good humour then – why wouldn’t you be? That very special confidence which means that you can’t ever be wrong, not ever. You will always succeed in achieving your goals, you will always succeed in garnering the admiration of the foolish masses. I have to admit however that this is all just ‘so much blah-blah talk’ – the type of vulgar talk you can hear any day you want in any bar in any town anywhere in the country. Cheap talk, third-rate talk, empty foolish talk. I must confess at this point that I don’t really like myself that much, I don’t really have a lot in the way of respect for myself. I know what I’m like, after all. I’m not a particularly nice person you see! I’m not nice at all, but then again – who is? Answer me that if you would. Answer me that. The lessons of history are clear however, the lessons of history are always so very clear. We never learn these lessons of course – that’s kind of like a badge of honour for us. We refuse to let reality grind us down. We are too stubborn for that, you see. We just won’t be told. ‘Fuck you, reality!’ we say. That’s our message of defiance, that’s our message of rage and defiance…



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