No Need For Reality

Suppose there was a world in which things only made a half-hearted attempt to appear real and we – out of our innate cowardice – went along with this. Because we were afraid to see that we’d been duped. Suppose, suppose, suppose. It’s fun to suppose, isn’t it? There’s no end of things we could suppose, if we wanted to. If we had the inclination. Suppose that was the type of world that we were living in? How would that be for us? What kind of the situation would you call that? How would it pan out? I laugh as I ask these questions of course because I know that I’m not being innocent and light-hearted as I sound. The truth is that there is no need for anyone to suppose any such thing. No need for supposing at all. What kind of fools do we allow ourselves to be taken for? Do you ever ask yourself that? What kind of fools, what kind of fools? What kind of fools are there, you might ask. Innumerate them, if you will. How many species of fool are there in this fine world of ours? How many phyla? What systems of classification can we bring to bear on them? What arcane taxonomies can we employ to aid our understanding? What schema can we construct to account for the variations that we might encounter? All of this fine talk of mine is quite nonsensical really of course – it’s pure gibberish. There’s only one type of fool when all is said and done, and that’s a frightened fool. Fools are nothing if not tedious in their uniformity. Do you know that curious gap that exists between a fatal blow landing and us being aware that it has landed? That’s such a peculiar gap isn’t it? It’s a gap without any space in it. Not even the tiniest morsel of it. What can we do in this gap? What options are open for us in it? What kind of a life can we expect to have here? What experiences might it hold for us? What freedoms might we possess? What can be lost in it and what can be gained? More empty questions I’m afraid. More empty questions. The truth is that we are little better than ghosts – we are ghosts whilst still alive because we live in the unreal world. Real people don’t live in an unreal world! We’ve relinquished our birthright – we’ve allowed ourselves to be taken for fools. We’ve gone along with what we’ve been told. We’ve swallowed all the bullshit, even though we know it isn’t true. We’re afraid not to. What else would you expect anyway? Isn’t this the way things always go? It’s all to do with the narrative you see. It always comes down to the old narrative – we have to obey the narrative, no matter how laughably stupid it is. We have to keep on believing in the tedious old narrative, no matter how dumb it might be. That’s our most solemn duty – we have to keep the flag flying. Keep it flying no matter what and salute it too if we have any arms left! If we don’t have any arms then we could nod our heads at the flag. Full of pride at the glorious emblem that it is. Things don’t even try to be real any more – there’s no need for reality in this fine world of ours…








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