Evil Worlds

I was angry because the thing that should have happened didn’t happen. Well, ‘angry’ isn’t quite the right word – I was completely beside myself with rage, to be honest. I was enraged beyond all belief. I was like a walking thunderbolt – black/blue in colour and seething with barely repressed electricity. I was like a lightning bolt looking for somewhere to strike. I was so angry that it actually went beyond mere anger – just as lights can go beyond violet to become ultraviolet, so my rage went beyond the spectrum of the visible to become ultra-rage. Stressed far beyond the limits of what it was able to endure, my body started to give way under the strain and I was in imminent danger of self-combusting. Little sparks flew off me in all directions, shooting off crazily here and there looking for things to harm. One of these sparks, by some fluke, turned into a demonic creator deity which duly created an illusion world, known to its deluded inhabitants as ‘Earth’ or ‘Urath’ or ‘Irith’ or ‘Eunice’ or ‘Ynnisfar’ or ‘Land of the Free’ or various other such names. This was a world that was constructed entirely upon the principles of Restriction, Delusion and Suffering. Horrors were unleashed on this unfortunate world the like of which you could not imagine! Living beings evolved and grew strong and afflicted each other greatly. Evil empires came and went in rapid succession. TV game-shows and daytime chat shows came into being. Lawyers were spontaneously born out of the darkness and set up successful practices. TV evangelists prospered and the innocent suffered. Evil walked the streets. The irony in all this was of course that the thing that was supposed to happen but that didn’t happen (and which made me so extremely angry by its failure to happen) wasn’t really supposed to have happened at all. I’d got it wrong – that failure was only in my own imagination, that failure was only in my bizarrely deranged way of looking at things! Actually – if the truth were to be known – there actually wasn’t any such thing as ‘the thing that was supposed to happen but which didn’t’! That so-called ‘thing’ ‘never existed in the first place and never could exist either (because – as I have just said – it was purely and simply a delusional figment of my own bizarrely-distorted thinking). That’s the actual truth of the matter, as I now freely admit. There’s no point in keeping secrets after all; not from a purely psychological point of view at any rate, since all repressed content is inevitably going to rebound painfully on the one doing the repressing at some future point in time. So you can see what I mean when I say that it’s all rather ironic. I must admit that it makes me laugh when I hear people speculating – as they frequently do – on the origin of the world, how it came into being and so on and so forth. Little do they know, little do they know…





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