When The Devil Made The World

When the Devil made the world, so I’ve heard, he mixed in a little goodness with all the badness, just to make things more interesting! That’s what they say anyway, and it makes sense when you think about it. Just imagine how appallingly miserable it would be if there were no one but bad people in the world! Bad people are so humourless and dull – they really are the worst company ever, and so very obviously that wouldn’t be much fun! I can’t think of anything less inspiring to be honest. They’re dull, dull bastards, and that’s being kind to them. The Devil knew this anyhow and that’s why he threw a few good people into the mix, which is rather like throwing a bit of seasoning into a stew. That way, the wicked bad evil people have something to stir them up a bit, something to put a little bit of life into them. It’s amazing to see how bad people come to life when there’s some goodness around! They love to ruin it for the good folks, you see! There’s nothing bad people love more than spoiling something good, corrupting something wholesome. They love it so much. That’s essentially ‘their mission’ you see – when they’re left to their own devices, with no goodness around anywhere to spoil, with no wholesomeness to corrupt, then they go to a slump. They mope. Say what you like about Satan, he is no fool! He knew what he was doing when he made the world. He knew exactly what he was doing! It’s not very fair on the few good people dotted here and there, of course. It’s not very nice for them. I often wonder what it must be like for them – I wonder what living in this wretched world of ours must be like. How do they make sense of it at all? How do they make sense of the abhorrent perversity of all governments, all authority structures? How to do they make sense of the utter mendacious stupidity of the bureaucracies that supposedly exist to serve us. ‘The mendacious stupidity of the bureaucracies that supposedly exist to serve us’ – that phrase resounds in my head. If any evidence were needed to tip us off as to it was who really created the world then this is surely it! Take a good look at the next official you come across. Take a good, good look at him. Or her. You don’t need me to tell you who they’re really working for, now do you? Think about it a bit. Ponder a while, if you will. Trust me on this one – it will all start to make a hell of a lot more sense once you get this key point straight…






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