Secret Superpower

Do you know that thing where sometimes you might be wondering what your secret superpower might be if you had one and yet didn’t know about it? I laugh to myself for a while thinking about this. It always amuses me. I’m here with a big smile on my face and nobody knows why. I think my secret superpower could be to pretend that everything is okay when it isn’t. I definitely think this might be my secret superpower. I can’t be sure though. You see the thing is that I’m quite possibly so very good at this – pretending that everything is okay I mean – that I don’t actually have any evidence that everything isn’t okay. Everything feels fine as far as I can tell. So maybe I do have the superpower and everything really isn’t okay, or maybe everything actually is okay, which would mean that I don’t have the superpower at all. Confusing isn’t it? That’s why I like to think about it so much – because it’s so intriguing. You really don’t know where you are with this kind of stuff at all. Another secret superpower I might have is a secret superpower of being a complete idiot and yet not knowing it. That’s definitely a superpower I might have – I wonder about this one a lot. How could I ever tell which it is? Another secret superpower I might have is a superpower of liking fast food. This isn’t so secret though. I suppose the reason I see this is a ‘potential superpower’ is because I really do have such an abiding and deeply felt fascination with fast food of all kinds. I always have done. It’s a type of an obsession with me. Actually that isn’t superpower at all, is it, it’s more of an addiction. Suppose I was addicted to some drug, let’s say methamphetamine for the sake of the argument – would I call that a superpower? I hardly think so. Although if I took enough of the stuff I would undoubtedly in time come to believe myself to have all sorts of weird and wonderful special powers. And you wouldn’t be able to talk me out of it. Is there such a thing as the superpower to think all sorts of utterly nonsensical thoughts whilst at the same time fervently imagining that they all actually mean something? This again is a tricky one, needless to say. How are we to know if this is a legitimate superpower or not? Is there any way to ever definitively know this? Somehow I think not…


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