Many Mouths

The summer air was full of the ripe, full bodies of flying insects. Not one but many mouths I had and I was hungry for this bounty of the skies. I was hungry for the ripe, tender bodies of all these flying creatures. Not one but many mouths did I have, and all of them were hungry. My hunger is legendary.


The air was ripe with the sweet corpuscular bodies of summer insects – each one was a luscious plump fruit just asking to be picked. My whole body was shuddering with joy. Many fingers had I, and each and every one of them was busy picking fruit. The fruit of the air I call them, and no tree-borne fruit ever tasted as good. I shed tears of ineffable happiness as I fly.


If I were a poet I would compose verses in honour of those sweet plump bodies upon which I feast so gladly, but poetry eludes me. The sweet plump bodies upon which I feast do not. They cannot elude my mouths for I have so many of them. The air is full of my mouths and there is no way to avoid them.


Many mouths have I and all of them are hungry! The fruit of the skies I call them. The little plump bodies explode softly in my mouths, releasing the purest of nectars as they do so. I shed tears of joy as I swoop through the air, harvesting the rich, rich bounty of the summer skies. I am like a giant invisible manta ray. I am like a vast metal wing cutting through the sky. Soft, ripe bodies burst against me in their untold tens of thousands. ‘None can escape me’, I cry out soundlessly as I fly. I am a silent wing of death.


I have many mouths, yet only one mouth – I am a giant manta of the skies, and I am a shadow on a summer evening. I am the flea that jumps, the worm that tunnels in the blackness. I am the man who cannot speak his name. I am the sound of a dry twig breaking underfoot in the dark deep forest. I am the wind. I am the old dog who twitches restlessly in his sleep and I am the little silvery fish that leap out of the ocean to avoid the steely blue jaws of the predator. I am both the dreamer and the dream. Today I joyfully feast – tomorrow I will be feasted upon.




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