A Sketch for a Much Longer Story


The year is 2132 and the world is ruled by giant entertainment corporations. No longer do nations vie for power, companies vie for a bigger slice of the revenue pie. The entertainment revenue pie. Entertainment is compulsory – it is a moral duty to be entertained. To be lacking in an affiliation to an entertainment modality is regarded as a treatable deviancy. Psychiatric services exist for this purpose. Therapy is mandatory and ENTS biochips are inserted into the skulls of offenders. Computer-generated chat-show hosts will infest your brain; your neo-cortex will be re-configured so that you can watch five talent shows at the same time. Your own brain-cells will be corporate property subject to licence. Your own reconfigured nervous system will attempt to sell you the latest entertainment products. Your own basal ganglia will spew forth corporate code, generating exponentially replicating Disney Channels, each one a septillion times more tawdry than the one that preceded it. Mickey Mouse and his friends will come to humiliate you in your dreams – they will urinate on all that you hold most precious. You will hold nothing precious any more. Your spirit will be defiled, your body and mind corrupted by toxic corporate memes. You will laugh involuntarily and inappropriately at the vilest of game-shows and all will not be well with the world…








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