The Ego Doctor


So anyway I had to go to see my GP earlier today and after a quick examination he informed me that I was suffering from a very nastily inflamed ego oh boy oh boy he said that’s very nasty indeed that’s a real humdinger in all my years of practice I’ve never seen one as bad as that that’s a beaut for sure a real corker would you look at that I bet that’s sore boy oh boy a thing like that’s GOTTA hurt right? I was stung by his comments what do you think I’m doing sitting here talking to you for It’s not to give someone the opportunity to have a free laugh at my expense I replied testily then all of a sudden I felt myself getting worried as I took in what he had just said I had nasty feeling of foreboding regarding the prognosis is it serious doc? I asked I mean do I have to go to hospital or A&E or anything is there any treatment for it does anyone ever die from that the doctor broke into a delighted grin at this point not at all old chap he chortled comfortingly slapping me heartily on the back a number of times nothing that can’t be sorted out here and now in the jolly old surgery the only way to sort this unpleasant fellow here out is to give him a judicious jab with a surgical lance that’ll do the trick every time it never fails he gave me a big wink sometimes the old-fashioned methods are the best you know they certainly are in this case just give me a minute now whilst I run to the store room to get an extra-large lance I’ll be back in a jiffy don’t go anywhere that’s when I legged it that’s when I ran away and made my way down the street double-quick speed the one thing I simply can’t stand is having anything lanced least of all a painfully inflamed ego




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