The Horror of the Real


The sun will respond to the aberrant depravity of human kind by boiling off a cosmic surge-tide of high-energy reality atoms. Particles of pure unadulterated reality will rain down on the upper atmosphere.  Our saccharine dreams will be touched by horror – the horror of the real. No horror greater. Ancient heroes will arise, awoken by the reality influx, to give battle to the dead-eyed corporate executives who rule the earth. King Arthur will stir from his sleep, bursting out from the hillside beneath which he lay dormant and forgotten for many a long century. Sheep scatter in confusion. His sword will flash once more in his hand as he rides, striking terror into the faint hearts of virally-reproducing celebrities. The evil Dream Machine will quake and quiver under the onslaught of the reality-particles released by the resurgent sun – reality itself is fighting back, sweeping aside the chattering game-show hosts like chaff before a hurricane. The diabolically grinning Entertainment Lords, ensconced in their high bastion, rally their forces. The thunder of hooves can be heard as Kind Arthur and his allies bear down on the assembled media magi and their unholy servants. Battle is joined. Dust rises. The earth itself shakes from the force of the mighty clash that ensues. Who will prevail?













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