Strange Experiments That Will Change You Forever

Suppose you had to play a game, and in that game you had to be this thing that isn’t you. You have to be this thing that isn’t you and there’s no getting out of it now because the game has got a grip on you. It’s got you by the short and curlies. You’re too frightened to ever change, too frightened to break the rules. You’ll play along with anything rather upset everyone. You’ll agree with whatever they say. Your spirit has been broken you see. Your spirit has been broken because that’s what the game does to you. That’s what games are for – they’re there to break you. You have to play the role that has been allocated you and nothing new is ever allowed to happen because that’s the rules of the game and you can’t ever disobey the rules. You don’t really have to play the game of course but you don’t know that. You don’t know that it’s only a game because you think that it’s for real. We all know the name of the scientist who invented Chicken Nuggets – his name will live forever in the Halls of Fame. He will be remembered forever in the Halls of Greatness. His name is synonymous with Genius – Genius of the first degree. Children are taught about him in school. His name is synonymous with Very Great Genius. And you are that genius! It is you. It is you and no one else and so you rejoice in the glory which is rightly yours. You are part of the Inner Circle. You are famous for being well known. You are exultant beyond all measure – you’re soaring so very high. No one ever soared higher. Your name is synonymous with Genius, your name is Genius. Insects like you on sight. They like you a lot. You like yourself just fine too. You admire yourself greatly. You admire your own exploits from afar and you are exultant beyond all measure. You made mistakes – and plenty of them – but that wasn’t your fault. That was never your fault. You were a machine for making mistakes. You didn’t want to be you, but you had no choice. You ignored your inner greatness – you ignored your inner greatness and that was unfortunate because you really could have been someone. Or maybe not. Maybe you couldn’t have. Maybe you never had a chance. Maybe the odds were stacked against you right from the very beginning and so it wasn’t your fault. Or maybe it was your fault and you won’t admit it. Maybe it was your fault but you told everyone that it wasn’t. Entropy got the better of you and you painted yourself into a corner. Life moved on and that was that. Entropy set in before you knew it. It’s never too late to start again, though. Or is it?




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