Quick To Anger, Quick To Wrath

When you see someone speaking then you know for sure that they are lying – isn’t that the truth? Is this not the Kingdom of Lies, after all? Isn’t that what it has been called? Is this not Mara’s Dominion that we live in? Has not Ahriman the Deceiver been granted Dominion over the Earth for Ten Thousand Years? Is it not so written in the Scriptures?


That’s the way things are in this world of ours – people are in a dreadful hurry to speak but they couldn’t speak the truth not for love nor money. The truth is a stranger here. We are in a terrible rush to speak the words that have been given to us but there is no truth in these words. There is nothing in the words that have been given to us – nothing but deceit. We love illusion too much and this is our reward. Has not the Deceiver been given dominion over the earth for ten thousand years? ‘No he has not,’ they will tell you sternly, but they lie. They are lying without shame, they are lying right to your face. They are lying night and day – they are lying night and day because that is the nature of this world.


The next time you hear someone speak, trying to fill your head with their words, remember this, if you can. Remember that people’s tongues are not their own. In enchantment has been laid upon this world and the enchantment is that no one shall ever be able to speak the truth, no matter how hard they try, no matter how long they might go on talking for. And even if someone spoke the truth by accident – as may happen once in a while – no one would take any heed. Mockery would be heaped upon their heads. We only care for nonsense, after all. Anything precious we throw away.


The next time you hear yourself thinking remember this – remember that each and every one of us is deeply attached to nonsense. We worship nonsense with a passion. Our love affair with illusion is truly without parallel. We celebrate liars every day – the greater the liar the more we celebrate them! If there were one who spoke the truth – just supposing that there might be, as absurd as that might seem – how we would revile them! How angry we would be! Quick to anger are we when we come across anyone who dares to speak the truth. Not that we ever do, of course. Not that we ever do…


Quick to anger, quick to wrath. Quick to inflict inflict cruelty and vicious condemnation. This was ever our way. Thus it ever was in the Kingdom of Lies. Those amongst us who have no great gift for clever lies are trodden underfoot and treated with contempt. We say that their heads are soft! We have no time for such as them. With those who prove to have tongues that are dexterous in telling complicated lies our admiration has no bounds, however. We set them up to rule over us, we pay them handsome salaries. Thus it ever was in the Kingdom of Lies.


We pay people to lie to us, that’s how much we value lies. We value lies more than silver and gold. The greatest liars are selected from amongst us and they are granted rights and privileges. Many are the rights and privileges that are given to them! Splendid are the dwelling houses in which they live. Great indeed is their power. A man’s power and status grows in proportion to the lies which he tells – is it not written thus? Is this not what it says in the Scriptures, that a man’s power will grow in proportion to the evil in which he partakes? Was this not ever the way?







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