Control Paradox

We all like being controlled, don’t we? Of course, you could say that we only like being controlled because we have been controlled to like it. We’ve been set up that way, in other words. You could perfectly well say that and I couldn’t fault you for saying it. Indeed I couldn’t – I would take my hat off to you saying that, so I would. Fair play to you thinking about it so deeply, I’d say. I appreciate it when someone thinks their way around a subject – that’s a rare enough trait as I’m sure you would agree. The trait of being curious about this world of ours, and what people say about it. The things people say about this world of ours, the peculiar things they say. They’d say anything really, wouldn’t they? They’d say anything at all and no matter what they said they’d say it in the same deadly serious way. They’d say it so very earnestly, without the least sense of irony. That’s when you have to say that there isn’t any of that ‘trait of curiosity’ of which we have been speaking. Statements exist only to be believed; if you have heard a statement then your solemn duty is to believe it, and not just believe it but also repeat it to everyone you meet. So that they can believe it too! That’s how it goes and there’s not much more to add to it than that. It’s not as if there’s any more to say really – that’s the basic formula for social life when it comes down to it. That’s expressed in very simple terms of course, you’d have to elaborate on that if you had any intention of getting further into it, but – in essence – the formula for social life is that you should believe whatever it is that if you have originally been told and then go around telling it to everyone else. How to be a human being, right? There’s obviously a knack to it – there’s always a knack to everything after all. And the knack in this case is to conform to whatever bullshit you have been told and pass it on to everyone else in the most solemn way possible. If you can just understand that then you’ll get along just fine and if you can’t understand it then people will look at you as if you’re stupid. ‘For God’s sake,’ they’ll be thinking – ‘what’s not to understand? Are you an idiot or what?’ They might slap you about a bit too then because having a few good slaps or getting a few righteous knocks in the head generally helps the learning process along. It helps the learning process along a good bit. It enhances it no end. There’s probably a scientific reason for that but we won’t get into it right now. Yes indeed, society is a simple enough game to play and very few of us have the legitimate excuse of not being able to understand what is actually required of us. Nothing too demanding is being asked of us. Are we being controlled to think that we don’t want to be controlled when really we do or is the truth more complicated than this? Are we being controlled to think that we do want to be controlled when actually we don’t, or is this being overly simplistic? Do we have a right to be controlled in every respect if that’s what we honestly and truly want? If someone isn’t allowed to be controlled when they want to be is that a way of controlling them? Can we control someone to make them control us and at the same time make them think that it is they who want to do the controlling?








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