In The Name Of Science

I was angry and upset and not at all happy about what had been done to me in the name of science. ‘Science is great, I know’, I said, ‘but that doesn’t give it the right to play about with my molecular infrastructure…’ I was resentful and deeply perturbed by the fact that the evil corporations now owned my DNA. Evil corporations always own your DNA, don’t they? That’s what they’re aiming for the whole time. That’s their ultimate agenda. ‘Evil corporations always own your DNA’, I murmured reverently to myself. Evil corporations always own your DNA…


I was talking in riddles to myself, trying not to let myself catch on to what I was saying. I am trying to escape my own categories, you see. They’re hyper-valent. They’ve got a death-like grip on me and that’s no word of a lie. I actually feel like screaming – that’s how bad it is. I feel like screaming but I can’t because I’m trapped deep down inside myself. Sometimes I feel as if I’m trapped deep down inside myself but I don’t really know if this is true because I’m buried too deep to know anything anymore. It’s all gone too murky. I don’t even know if I really do feel like screaming or if that’s just something I’m saying to myself in order to feel better. Really, there’s nothing that clear-cut about it – it’s all just murky soup, as I’ve said. It’s all just a murky stew full of  identifiable and probably inedible lumps. You chew away at them of course, but you don’t know if you really ought to…


We inhabit a reality that someone else has invented for us but – as we all know – it’s a pretty damn poor one! Definitely a pretty cruddy type of reality. It’s as if they didn’t really put much effort into it. A derisory attempt, at best. It’s not as if they actually care you see. It is not as if they actually give a shit. We keep on telling ourselves that they do give a shit of course; we maintain the cruddy fiction to the best of our ability. It feels better that way after all. It feels a lot better that way, come to think of it. How good you think it’s going to make us feel to realise that we are busy inhabiting a reality made by someone who not only doesn’t care about us but actually despises and hates us? Not so good right? Not so good at all my friends, and that’s why we all have to try to do our patriotic duty in maintaining the fiction. That’s why we have to salute the flag.


People will hiss and boo if you don’t do your patriotic duty, as well you know. They will tear you into little pieces. Like confetti. They’ll make human confetti out of you in no time. We all know that – we all know that instinctively and no one has to explain it to us. No one has to come along and spell it out. We all know that we are ruled by evil corporations, we all know it very well. We’re not stupid after all – we might be afraid but we’re not stupid. Far from stupid. Far from stupid but also just a bit stupid. Just a little bit. Do you perhaps remember those funny little advertisement they used to have on the back of comics books way back in the day? Where they were trying to sell you these weird stupid things that no one would believe in these days?  Like those corny little ads that said ‘Grow your own living robots from spores – all you need is a pint of tap water.’


No one would believe that now of course. In those days it was quite normal. It was company after all – that was the main thing. The robots were company which was important if you couldn’t get the human kind. Which some of us couldn’t. Which a lot of us couldn’t. ‘Grow your own living robots’, the ads said, ‘and in time – if you took good care of them – they would form their own civilizations’. Some of them were pretty advanced civilizations too, I don’t mind telling you! A lot more advanced than our own stupid cruddy selfie-obsessed civilization, and that’s a fact!









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