The Book Of Fate

In the future there won’t be any humins but there will be sociobots. Everyone will want to be a sociobot; even if they didn’t want to be a sociobot there would still have to be. Everyone always has to be a sociobot. Everyone always has to be.


When you are sociobot you have to buy all the products – that is your main function. When you are sociobot you won’t care about all the other sociobots. When you are sociobot you only care about buying the products, you care very much about buying the product because the products have lots of special kudos-boosting power.


Kudos is the most important thing in the world when you’re a sociobot. Kudos is when all the other sociobots think you’re great and want to be you. They don’t just want to be like you, they want to be you. They want that very much.


All the other sociobots want to be you because their lives are so empty and meaningless. To be a sociobot is to have a life that is totally empty and totally meaningless. That is what it means to be a sociobot – it means that your life is profoundly devoid of all meaning.


When you are sociobot you always have to be searching for kudos. You’re searching, searching, searching – always searching. When you obtain the precious kudos then you are called a ‘winner’ and when you fail to find any kudos in your life then you are said to be a ‘loser. When you are a winner then all the other sociobots want to be you, but when you are a loser then everyone will shun you in the street.


When everyone shuns you then you will become sad. You will become a sad, sad sociobot. You can’t get any kudos, not even a little tiny bit. You can’t get any. You have negative kudos then; you have negative kudos because everyone wants to avoid you. Everyone wants to pretend that you don’t exist and that’s what negative kudos is all about. They want you to pretend you don’t exist too. Negative kudos is the worst thing ever – it’s like an illness that disfigures you and causes you to smell very bad. No amount of antiperspirant can cover up this smell. It is deeply offensive and no one can bear it.


All the other sociobots are afraid of you; they are afraid to acknowledge that you exist in case they catch the negative kudos off you. Negative kudos can be caught by association so no one will associate with you. They will shun you. They will shun you in the street. And when this happens you will have to live in a very special world, an unacknowledged world, an invisible world. It is a shadow world, a world of ignominy. Ignominy clings to you like a shroud – you could never get rid of it. It’s a taint that no detergent can ever remove. When you are a loser sociobot then you have to have to do a lot of suffering. There’s nothing else for you but lots of suffering.


It doesn’t matter if you are suffering to all the other sociobots though. They don’t care because they are sociobots and that’s what sociobots are like. They are very uncaring. They don’t care about the other sociobots; all they care about is gaining kudos so that they can be happy winner sociobots. All they care about is buying the product all day long. They buy the product and take selfies.


This is how it’s going to be in the future – the future belongs to the sociobots and that’s a fact. It is written that this will be so. It is written in The Book of Fate. It is written in The Book of Fate and so there is nothing that you and I can do about it.









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