Guided By The GAPAI

An Internal Helper is a little robot that lives unobtrusively inside of us and which is constantly checking our internal systems to make sure everything is working properly. If the Internal Helper becomes aware of an issue then it straightaway connects up with a medical AI to find out what the best thing to do is. Wherever we go the Internal Helper will be roving around our bodies, performing diagnostic tests on all of our organs. It roams about inside our bodies all day long and nothing escapes its scrutiny! And whenever the little helper finds something wrong it straightaway establishes a telepathic link with the nearest available medical AI and seeks out advice on what the correct and appropriate way of dealing with this situation is. An Internal Helper comes equipped to deal with any medical emergency – it can perform any conceivable operation at a drop of a hat, without the need for any wearisome waiting lists! Every citizen is provided with an Internal Helper at birth. They come free of charge – no medical insurance is required! When the Internal Helper detects a problem it immediately reports back it immediately reports back it immediately reports back to the Global All-Purpose AI and that’s how it gets to help us. That’s how it knows how to help us. The Internal Helper always knows. The Internal Helper always knows what is best to do because it is guided in everything it does by the GAPAI and the GAPAI is the most intelligent, resourceful and computationally-powerful Virtual Entity in the known universe!









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