The Invisible Balance

We live in such a horror world of deception, don’t we? Not that anyone knows it but then again, no one would, would they? No one would. That’s how deception works after all – that’s how deception always works. We’re as oblivious as hell. The fact that no one knows anything about it proves the point really. Deception oozes out of this world of ours like puss from an infected wound. We call this deception by various names: we call it advertising, politics, education, journalism, diplomacy, religion… We call it by very many different words. There is no truth at all in this little world of ours – no matter how deep you dig you won’t find any truth. That’s the kind of world we live in. You’d think that would be worrying for us, wouldn’t you? You’d think we’d find that just a little bit spooky. I mean, who knows what horrors could be down there! Who knows what unspeakable monstrosities could be swimming around in those murky depths? No matter how much you strain your imagination you will never come close to imagining what’s down there – the everyday imagination hasn’t the capacity for that. It can’t even come close; it doesn’t even know what direction to look in. You’d feel sorry for it really; you’d feel sorry for it because it doesn’t have a bloody clue. It doesn’t have a clue, doesn’t have a clue about anything. There are horrors swimming around everywhere – they’re only just beneath the surface too. Barely under the surface. They couldn’t be any closer at hand unless they actually walked up to you and shook you by the hand. Introducing themselves to you. How do you do now. How you doing boy? How is your cotton-picking day going? There are monsters everywhere – the prettier the people are the more gruesome are the monsters that are crawling about like maggots inside them. It’s kind of the way things go – it’s an invisible balance that always has to be kept. The stupider we become the more gruesome the creatures that infest us become and we’ve become pretty damn stupid of late! Pretty damn stupid altogether. A price to be paid for everything and we ought to know that – the good little capitalists that we are. You’d think we’d understand that, wouldn’t you? You’d think we would understand about paying for things! There’s no worry about us spotting the monsters that are crawling around just beneath the surface; there’s no worry on that score because we don’t believe in looking beneath the surface. That’s against our religion. We don’t believe that there actually is anything beneath the surface because we don’t believe that the surface is a surface. We believe that it’s the whole bloody world. We think we’ve got it sussed. If you wanted to know exactly how stupid we have become I think this provides a pretty fair answer. I think this makes it pretty damn clear. We live in a horror world of deception and yet at the same time we think we are so damn smart. We think we are very smart indeed. The smarter we think we are stupider we really are and we think we are very clever indeed…








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