Angry Sky-Ghosts

Farting uncontrollably with fear, I tried to squeeze my body into a fissure in the rock-face but the fissure in question was manifestly too small for my body to fit into it. It just wasn’t working for me, but I was giving it my best shot all the same. Always the optimist, I was looking for a solution to the terrors that were assailing me.


In the sky above vultures circled whilst invisible Predator-Ghosts tore and bit at my skin. They were the ghosts of unwanted experiences that I had spent my life hiding from. I had denied them at every turn – I had denied them to the end. I had said that they were not there, that they did not exist, and now they had come back to haunt me.


And not just haunt me neither, it occurred to me – they had come to eat me alive. They had come to strip the flesh from my bones. I couldn’t see these ghosts because they were invisible but I could hear them. I could hear them flitting around the air like bats. The air was full of them. I struggled to squeeze my body into the crack in the rocks but the crack was far too narrow. I was hideously exposed on the rock-face and the predators were massing above.


I was to be judged for my sins. The flesh was to be picked from my bones by the angry Sky-Ghosts. The sky was vast and angry and I was small and fearful and beset with nameless terrors. My brain was desperately searching for solutions, searching for solutions. Always searching for solutions. I was exposed beneath that terrible open sky on the pitiless rock face. The rock was volcanic in nature and it cut like a knife, drawing blood instantaneously when I touched it. I tried to jam myself further into the narrow crack in the rock but I could not. Eagles circled majestically overhead.


I remember someone telling me once that the consensual reality is made up of solutions for which there were no problems. This was the reverse of the situation that I now found myself in – I was exposed like a snail without a shell in a terrible volcanic environment that was made up of problems for which there were no solutions. The jagged rocks cut into my flesh and small biting creatures swarmed in the air, attacking me mercilessly. I had to make a break for it. I had to find somewhere to hide; I had to find somewhere to hide in a hurry but I was too scared to move.


The Sky-Ghosts buzzed as if they had electricity in them. I could hear them searching for me. They tore through the sky like comets of wrath. They had not found me yet but when they did they would attack me with terrifying anger. They were so, so angry! So very angry. I was to be punished for my sins.






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