You Are The Resplendent One

Suppose you saw someone and you saw that they had the Great Great Thing. Suppose you clearly saw that they had the Great Great Thing and that you did not. You are reminded of the fact that you don’t have any kind of thing, great or otherwise. Any kind of thing, any kind of thing, great or otherwise. Just imagine how envious this will make you feel. Just imagine how bad that feels. You are sick with envy – sick almost to the point of death.


Your body is small and wizened, you have no standing in the Hall of the Mighty. The terrible envy has eaten you up from the inside and your life force has departed from you.  You are full of rage but your rage is that of a gnat. You buzz around incessantly in the unclean places of the world but no one pays you any heed. You are angry because you cannot be a God.


Imagine going around the place knowing not knowing that you are Osiris? You don’t know that you are the Resplendent One, the Undaunted One, the Resurrected One, the Lord of the Living. Imagine that you don’t know this! Imagine living your life and not knowing that you are the Resplendent One? Ask yourself – what is it that you imagine you are in the absence of this knowledge? What is it that you think your life is all about? Think very hard on this one – just what did you think your life was all about when you didn’t know that you were the Master of Eternity?


Maybe you are full of trepidation? Maybe you are timid, perpetually frightened of powers greater than yourself? Maybe you are polite and accommodating to people in authority and make very sure never to upset them? Maybe you don’t like to make a fuss – you, Osiris? Maybe you just want to be told what to do by people in positions of authority. You – Osiris, the Victorious One – that’s what you want, you want to be told what to do by those in positions of authority.


Ten thousand worlds are constructed and deconstructed all around you every second, but it is as nothing to you – you are imperturbable! You are the Arisen One, the Resplendent One. Your two eyes are the Moon and the Sun. You are the Lord of Silence, the Resurrected One. You are the Victorious One, the Arisen One, the King of Those Who Are Not. (You are the Dead King – the Opener of Beauty, the Opener of all Good Things).


Maybe you have chronic low self-esteem, maybe you are a social network addict. You – the Master of Eternity – are hoping to get likes for your crappy little posts! Your crappy little posts, your abysmally crappy little posts…


Don’t let anyone tell you that this isn’t a very strange business. You might see Osiris in the Betting Shop, down on his luck. He’s down on his luck. He’s down at the mouth, down at heel, down in the dumps. He’s been down on his luck for a long, long time – nothing is working out with him. His luck’s no good, his luck’s no good, and that’s not going to change. He’s on the road to nowhere. Don’t let anyone tell you that this isn’t a very strange thing because that’s just what they will tell you. They will tell you that every time…


Don’t let anyone tell you anything, come to think of it! What would they know, what would they know? They talk because they can’t help it – they are lost in their own folly, they talk because they don’t know what else to do. Their own mediocre language has mastered them, their own excruciatingly dull thoughts have mastered them. They are as full of advice as the day is long, and all of it is bad.





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