When You’re In A Bit Of A Hurry

We are always going somewhere good, isn’t that the thing? We’re constantly on the way to a better place. Isn’t that the way? That’s why we’re always impatient, that’s why we are always in such a damn hurry. We’re always in a hurry because we just can’t wait to get to the good place, because we just can’t wait to catch up with the good thing that’s just about to happen. Look at the man in the queue in the supermarket checkout who is so impatient to get on his way – he knows he’s on his way to somewhere better and that’s why he’s in a rush. That’s why he’s so damn impatient. You might say that it’s just because he hates queues and that might be true but it’s still also true that he can’t wait to get to the good place, which is where the queue isn’t. If we are in a shit place than anywhere else is the good place, isn’t that right? Isn’t that the way? It’s always the improvement we’re looking for. So is that it then, you ask? And your point was what exactly? That’s if you’ve even bothered reading this far, which I doubt. Hop on board lads, we’re going somewhere good. Isn’t that what they always say? And if we ever get excited about something then isn’t that because we’ve just thought of some new ‘good place’ that we are going to, or because we’ve thought of some new improvement that we can make to our situation? The point is of course that this is a clever lie we tell ourselves so that we don’t freak out completely! Imagine if there was no good place to be going to, no improvement that can be made, how bad would that be? Can you imagine if there was no point in rushing because there was no place worth rushing to? Imagine if there was no point in being impatient, in that stupid bloody way people have of being impatient, because where you are about to go to is just as fucked up as the place where you are right now? So there’s no point rushing. Imagine the expression on the guy’s face when he realises that there’s nothing in store for him in life that’s any better than the queue he’s in right now? Can you imagine the look on his face if he were to suddenly realise this? That would be priceless, in my book. It would totally fucking priceless, I can tell you. I’d love that. I often wish that there could be a drug that could do that, a psychoactive type of a drug that would knock out that little part of the brain that conveniently lies to us all the time and tells us that there is somewhere better that you can be, that there is a better place just around the corner that you are going to get to. Like all those dumb preachers always say when they tell us about the good place that’s to come. Then when someone spikes you with the drug it would be like, ‘No, there isn’t any better place for you to go to, buddy; that’s just a comforting hallucination’. What kind of drug would that be, I wonder? What would you call it? Would you be able to make any money selling it? Could you synthesize it in the garden shed or in your kitchen out of commonly available materials?








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