Doing Satan’s Will

Did you ever consider the fact that to exist in this world at all is to lie? One way or another we’re all caught up in a lie – the only question being how much we choose to embellish it.


To exist is to be complicit in a lie and there’s no other way to put this. Most of us – and I doubt if anyone with any actual intelligence is going to contradict me in this – go down the road of ‘compounding this Original Error’. We deny that the original lie is a lie and we go out of our way to prove otherwise. We will move heaven and earth to prove otherwise! We will spend our entire lives trying to ‘prove otherwise’…


Who in all honesty can deny that this is true – that we spend our entire lives tying ourselves up in ever-more convoluted knots trying to prove that ‘the lie isn’t a lie’? That’s a joke by the way. That’s just my little joke. Just my little joke. Why would anyone ever come out with that phrase ‘in all honesty’? The best we can never for hope for is to somehow limit our lie so it doesn’t run away with us too much, so it doesn’t get too dangerously out of hand. And even that sounds rather doubtful to me now that I come to think of it! It sounds very doubtful indeed. Do we really have the power to stop the lie running away with itself? Do we really have the power to stop the lie multiplying itself exponentially and running amok in the world?


This always brings me back to the question of Satan. The question we are always asking ourselves is of course ‘Who is Satan and what is His Purpose?’ Who is Satan? And what is His Plan for us? This is the question that is always on our lips for sure but I doubt very much if we will ever get any closer to finding out the answer! We are far too deluded for that – we are far too deluded to ever find our way out of the thicket that we are lost in.


Some things are just too obvious. Some things are just too obvious to see. Every time we say what something IS then that is Satan’s lie. Every time we say what something IS then we are doing Satan’s will. Satan’s Plan is for us to be forever trapped in our own constructs, our own pestilential ideas…


Do we ever stop doing Satan’s will? That’s what I wonder. Do we ever take a break? Do we ever take a break from fulfilling Satan’s Purpose? We are always in such a terrible hurry to say what everything IS. We are in a perpetual hurry


‘What’s it like to be in a Perpetual Hurry To Do Satan’s Will’, you might ask me? Full of innocent curiosity as you are. ‘What’s it like to be in that most unfortunate situation?’ ‘Well, you ought to know’, I always reply to this question. ‘That’s your situation exactly that we talking about here, after all! Who should know better than you?’


Two exist is to be complicit in a lie, and we are all expert liars. We are all extraordinarily gifted in the Art of Lying. We’ll deny it for all we’re worth of course. But then again – what else would you expect?





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