This Craven Hellhole Of Corruption And Deceit

So I became the Vile Creator, the most Loathely and Abhorrent Creator, and what I crafted I crafted out of the Undying Purity of the Malice that I feel towards all things. I tell the story now as I have told it a million times before and as I tell it I laugh. I laugh as I tell it because I’m still as full of malice as I ever was. Still as full. When I fashioned people I made a cruel lopsided gash for the mouth and then two bleak notches for their eyes and that was it. I let them off then, cruelly unfinished as they were. I let them off then to do as they please to do what came naturally to them only it wasn’t naturally really and I’m the first to admit it. It wasn’t natural at all! The Evil Empires that man has created beggars all description – what horrors has man not committed in the name of the lies that he holds so dear? Those dirty, filthy abysmal lies that he clutches so close to his breast. Those obnoxious pestilential lies. And if the powerful are cruel and deficient in spirit and abuse their privileges at every opportunity then the weak and the powerless are just as bad turning on each other at the drop of a hat. Just watch them turn, just watch them turn! Filthy conformity rules in this my empire no one truly believes what they say not even a word of it no one believes what they publicly hold to be true and yet no one will ever admit it. Not in a million years will they admit it. Men and women will turn like a pack of wild dogs on anyone who dares to speak even a word of truth. No crime can be greater in this craven hellhole of corruption and deceit than saying what you actually think no action is considered more shockingly scandalous and reprehensible than the action of uttering a true word. Just watch them turn on you, just watch them turn! No contempt is greater than the contempt that is held for one who actually speaks his heart and this is the way things are in this my world which is the kingdom of lies and Corruption. Demons are given the place of honour to sit on thrones of glory while good men and women are driven from the city with hoots of derision and howls of bottomless malice. It’s just another day my friend just another day in this my Kingdom just another day in this The Empire of Lies of which I am Father. Of which I am the Father. Of which I am the Father. It’s just another day the same as any other. Just another day. You set the alarm clock and crawl into bed and then the next day you’ll do the very same thing all over again and you’ll keep on doing it. Don’t tell me that you won’t. You’ll keep on doing it until one day your strength will fail you and you won’t be able to do it any more. It’s just another day, it’s just another day just another day in this my Kingdom this world of my construction where unfinished men and women hop and skip and devour each other daily in my name






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