The Harvesters

The Fruit of the Vine is Lord and Master of the Ten Realms, I burst out

Full of my usual incoherent ludicrously misplaced enthusiasm

I was on the point of letting out another incoherent roar when all of a sudden

I didn’t

The small vicious shrew-like creatures had arrived on the scene

With their protuberant noses and sharp teeth

They were looking at me with their tiny eager eyes

Eyes that were full of the natural bloodthirsty menace

Of their kind



Out came their little pink tongues

Flicking in and out of their mouths with excitement

Moving in one me from all sides

The creatures were bigger now

They were swelling up all around me

Becoming ominous

Some had the faces of people I knew

The bad ones

Others had the faces of slavering dogs and grinning maniacal baboons



‘We’ve come for you, you know’ they said,

Telepathically implanting the words in my mind

With great precision and care

‘It’s no good you trying to outsmart us,’ they said

‘Because we know your thoughts even before you do…’

Predation on this planet

Has reached a whole new level of sophistication, I realized

They had upped their game and so should I

If was to have any chance at all of getting out of this alive!



The predators controlled reality

They sucked you into their own tailor-made worlds

Before you knew what had happened to you

A world where they had all the advantages

A world in which they held all the aces

I looked down –

I had morphed into a ridiculous weak blobby creature with no legs or arms

And no way of defending itself

A creature that couldn’t move

Very much



My pink skin is soft and tender and easily ripped

And I am meek and easily frightened

The predators mass all around me – full-sized and savage now

Slavering with excitement

They can’t wait to tear the succulent flesh

From my bones

With their razor-sharp never-ending rows of teeth

A cascade of poisonous drool drips unceasingly

From their long red whip-like tongues



‘We hold all the aces here’, they tell me

‘We want to harvest your fear…’

These were the Harvesters, I realize then

Mankind’s secret oppressors

Harvesting was all they knew –

Or care about

No wonder the world is in such a bad shape!



Damn, I think, I’d been having such fun

Before the Harvesters arrived

Even though I hadn’t really

I should have known better, I say

I should have stayed away

I never should have tangled with those old Harvesters

It never seems to work out

For me

Those old Harvesters harvest me every time…








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