Is Telepathy Real?

‘Is telepathy real?’ I ask myself – ‘Is this me thinking this, or someone else?’

‘Are these really my thoughts?’

I have no way of knowing, I realize

The awareness coming to me with sudden stunning force:

I just don’t know!

I have no way of telling

Perhaps I will never know

Perhaps there isn’t even any difference; perhaps we only think that there is?

Perhaps it works equally well both ways

Who’s to say?

Is telepathy real, I wonder, my thoughts slowly unfolding themselves in the soft darkness of the room where I lie sleepless and perturbed in my bed

Can other people think my thoughts?

If other people are thinking my thoughts for me, would I know? Would I ever suspect?

Or is it that I am thinking their thoughts for them, without ever knowing that I am doing so?

Perhaps whole civilizations depend on me…

Is that genuine telepathy, I wonder

Or not?

Is it a hoax?

How can I ever find out?

Does it matter if I find out or if I don’t find out – whether these thoughts are mine or yours?

‘Is telepathy a real thing?’ I ask myself

My thoughts are slowly and mysteriously unpacking themselves in the velvet-soft richness of the darkness that surrounds me –

If they are my thoughts, that is…



Image – Crosstalk cover art by Jon Foster



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