Evil Is

Evil is when a restrictive and sterile doctrine falsely proclaims itself to be the one and only true teaching


Evil is when mediocrity and conformity are made into virtues, and individuality is harshly penalized


Evil is when we are taught to be ashamed of our own true selves, and are coerced instead to embrace a life of pointless wretched limitation – a life in which we are forever trying to force ourselves into a mould to which we are not suited. A mould to which no one is suited


Evil is that influence which causes us to keep on striving to become what we are not, and what we cannot be, and then pitilessly blame ourselves when we fail


Evil is that which talks us out of our birthright, and then pats itself on the back for being so magnanimous


Evil is that which convinces us to accept a shockingly degraded and corrupted version of the truth as being the only truth there ever could be, and then struts around congratulating itself for fulfilling its role as The Great Benevolent Educator of Mankind


Evil is that which tries at every step to convince us to accept a false version of ourselves, and then mocks us and shames us and condemns us if we will not or can not go along with its ideas for us


Evil is the dark patriarchal authority that shapes us from birth


Evil is the force that persuades us to think that wasting our lives chasing nonsensical empty dreams is normal


Evil is the force that persuades us to think that we are the witless dupes it takes us for


Evil is the insidious agency that makes us feel that we are both utterly powerless and intrinsically worthless – unless, that is, we can successfully fulfil all the meaningless and hideously time-consuming tasks it sets for us


Evil is the smooth-talking suit-wearing city executive who offers us a place in the hierarchy of hell, and then makes us feel that he is doing us a favour at the same time


Evil is that which convinces us that we actually are what in reality is no more than its own paltry and worthless construct, and then having done this, leaves us to spend our entire lives struggling vainly to achieve something worthwhile, something meaningful, on this pitiful basis


Evil sells you burgers and tells you that you’re loving it (just in case you weren’t entirely sure)


Evil advizes you on a personal pension plan


Evil helps you with your self-esteem by offering you botox or cosmetic surgery


Evil offers to cure you with CBT


Evil teaches us distress tolerance techniques


Evil is the ad on TV


Evil is the news announcer on Sky News


Evil is the pop star on MTV


Evil is your own ‘better judgement’


Evil is…





Art: Warhammer 40K. Golden Throne









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