This Could Be A Set-Up

Is it possible that the whole of reality is a giant set-up, a colossal trick or hoax of some kind? I’m only asking. Just floating the idea to see what happens. Putting it out there. You never know, after all. Of course you never know – how could you possibly know? What is there to compare reality with, after all? Is there some kind of handy litmus test we can use? No there isn’t. That’s an impossibility right there – we have no way of knowing whether this is or is not the real reality or not. That’s undeniable, although I know most people would deny it – out of fear, probably. Out of pure rotten stinking fear…


Perhaps then therefore we should be a shade warier than we usually are? Would this not be a good suggestion? Perhaps we shouldn’t discount the possibility of everything being a giant hoax quite as readily as we always do. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so damn quick to agree that everything is above board and beyond reproach? Surely we ought to be just a little more cautious than that! We’re so ridiculously quick to swallow stuff, after all…


Actually – you might be thinking – perhaps all of this stuff that I’m coming out with so glibly is part of the set-up? That would be clever wouldn’t it? That would be very ingenious. Warning you about a possible set up could be the first move in the set-up. That could be how I draw you in. And maybe that’s what you’re thinking right now. That me telling you about the set-up could be part of the set-up. There’s a certain classic elegance to it, you have to admit.


If you are in fact thinking along these lines then I have to hand it to you – you really have got into the spirit of things! Fair play to you – I like the way your mind works! I like the cut of your gib! You’re sharp and no mistake. You’re not dozing. You’re ahead of the game and that is of course the only way to play the game. Don’t take anything for granted, right? Stay wily, my friends…. Just remember, as a good friend of mine always says – ‘This could be a set-up’….


But then again, me coming out with all of this as plausibly and reasonably as I am doing could very easily be yet another ploy, yet another level of strategy designed to lull you into that false sense of security that we’re always hearing so much about. So maybe you’re ahead of me again, maybe you’re shaking your head and saying to yourself ‘This could be a set-up’. How would you know, anyway? How could you possibly know whether everything I say isn’t part of the set-up?


The answer is of course that you can’t. What test could you apply, after all? OK, I might sound very plausible, but that’s the whole point. Set-ups are always plausible – they wouldn’t be much good if they weren’t! That’s kind of the whole point of a set-up….


The more plausible the reality that we are presented with is, the more suspicious that would naturally make you – wouldn’t you agree? That makes sense, doesn’t it? And you have to admit reality is pretty damn plausible, after all. A lot of people fall for it. That’s pretty much the normal thing to do, when presented with reality. It is after all pretty damn convincing. But what if it’s all a set-up? What then? What are you going to do then, huh?


Art by “Sharik”






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