Rules Are Always Right

I get so angry when I hear of people who are breaking the rules. I get so angry that it hurts. I’d like to track them down, confront them where they live and then give them a good solid kicking with my size 12 Doc Martens on. How do you like that, I’d like to ask them as I put the boot in. I’d like to keep on kicking them and kicking them and kicking them until I finally collapse from exhaustion and lie panting on the floor. I’d like to punch them repeatedly in the head until my fists are bleeding and my arms are too tired to lift anymore. I wouldn’t actually do that for real because I’d be afraid that they’d turn the tables on me and start kicking and punching me instead but that’s what I’d like to do. If I could get away with it, which I know from previous experience I probably wouldn’t be able to. I’d like to hurt them. I’d like to teach them a lesson. Like you learn in school. I’d like that more than anything else in the world. Don’t they know that breaking the rules is wrong?  Don’t they realize that it’s a very bad thing to break the rules and that you’re not supposed to do that? How stupid are they? Why can’t they get it? Actually they are worse than stupid – stupid is forgivable – they know very well what they’re doing. Obey the fucking rules, I want to say, like everyone else does. Like every other bastard has to. What makes you think that YOU’RE so special? What gives YOU the right to disregard the rules that everyone else has to abide by? Obey the fucking rules you bastards I want to say. “OBEY THE FUCKING RULES LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO YOU BASTARD”, I’d like to shout. I’d like to shout it in their ear through a megaphone. Over and over again until they get it. We ought to have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY with regard to that type of behaviour, we ought to take a tough line on it. To show that we’re not prepared to put up with bastards like that who wilfully disregard the sacred rules of our society. So what if the fucking rules are ultimately self-contradictory? So what if obeying them straightaway puts us into an impossible double-bind that we suffer from for the rest of our lives? Rules are always RIGHT for god’s sake. What’s not to understand there? Rules are always right and that’s why it’s so important to always do what they say. What kind of a fucking retarded moron are you if you can’t understand this?









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