Unreality Addicts

Someone told me that if you sin too much you go to hell sin too much sin too much sin too much go to hell go to hell got to hell you go to hell and then you’ll be sorry because you did the bad thing and you shouldn’t have because the rule said you mustn’t. The rule says you mustn’t because it’s the rule but you went ahead and did it all the same you did the bad thing you did the wrong thing you did the wrong thing you shouldn’t have done it but you did you pushed it too far and then that’s what happens you think you can get away with it but you can’t. Someone told me this morning that evil spirits were real they looked me right in the eye so I knew they weren’t lying and they told me that there really are such things as evil spirits they’re real and you can become one very easily if you go too far what does it feel like to be an evil spirit I wonder it must feel very bad it can’t be very nice to find out all of a sudden that you’re now an evil spirit where do you go from there what kind of career prospects are there what kind of future lies in store for you not a very good one I wouldn’t say


I was trying not to weird people out I was trying to be in reality but it wasn’t working out for me it never does stuff never works out for me I’m that kind of guy I’m the kind of guy stuff never works out for so there’s no point in me trying really but I do anyway because I feel bad if I don’t try. I feel bad if I do try too because it never works out for me no matter what I do and so I feel bad either way but somehow it feels better – if only a tiny bit better – if I make some kind of futile pointless useless vestigial effort just for the sake of it just so at least I can say that I tried even though I know that I didn’t really


Reality’s a funny thing isn’t it? What would it look like if you saw it? How would you know it? What kind of a thing would it be? Are people in reality or is reality in people? Did anyone ever truly see reality – or if they say they did could they be mistaken? Could they be fooling themselves? Reality’s that kind of thing isn’t it? Or rather unreality is that kind of thing. The lure of unreality is too strong for the likes of you and me. It’s as addictive as crack cocaine. Is hell real I wonder? Are evil spirits real?





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