The Filth Of Satan

The filth of Satan, the filth of Satan, the Filth of Satan, everywhere I look I see the filth of Satan. As I drive into work I pass a billboard which says “When you don’t let anything stand in the way of your dreams” and there’s a picture of a can of Budweiser. THAT’S the filth of Satan. If anything ever was the filth of Satan that’s it. That advert. What kind of shit is that? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Or more to the point, what do the odious smarmy bastards who come up with such shit want it to mean to us? What is going on in their sick heads when they come up with this stuff, that’s what I want to know? They go to work every day, wearing their smart suits and shiny shoes, and they come up with shit like this and then they go home again thinking that they have done a good day’s work. Does it mean that when you don’t let anything stand in the way of your dreams then you drink beer? That makes a lot of sense for sure. I can really get that. Or you could just sniff lighter fluid instead – same difference really. You could inhale solvents. Whatever wipes out your brain so you don’t have to think too much about stuff. Whatever can give you that lovely numb feeling between your ears. Sure – I get that. We all get that. Or does it mean that when you don’t let anything stand in the way of your dreams you believe every goddamn stupid crassly insulting ad you see? Does it mean that you will then swallow all the bullshit whole without ever chewing?  Because if you ever do start chewing you are in serious trouble. And what are these stupid bloody dreams that we are supposed to be having all the time and which are so incredibly precious? Your dreams, your dreams, your dreams… The sick condescending bastards. The only dreams they mean are the dreams that they have implanted in our brains with their filthy advertising. They fill our heads with this filth and then they encourage us to ‘follow our dreams’ like the indomitable heroes we are. Go on folks, follow your dreams. Follow your dreams, follow your dreams. You sick perverted bastards. It’s ALL the filth of Satan. The newspapers with their grubby headlines are the pure undiluted filth of Satan. The magazines on the shelves at the newsagents – OK, Women’s Own, Cosmopolitan, Look!, FHM, Men’s Health…, it’s the filth of Satan jumping out at you from all directions. Leaping out at you wherever you look. And no one ever takes a blind bit of notice. We swallow it all. That mind-numbing shit that’s always blaring out over the radio – doesn’t it make you want to run down the street screaming? It does me. The sewers of Hell are emptying out from vast conduits all around us and we’re sucking it up. ‘Modern Culture’, you might call it. I know what I call it…




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