Shell Game #2

Ghosts can operate within living human bodies too you know. They necessarily don’t have to be disembodied deteriorated psychic entities, drifting around the lower astral planes. Maybe you didn’t know that, huh? Maybe that sounds a bit strange to you? I guess it’s not something that you would necessarily think of. I know it never occurred to me until a few days ago. I don’t know why it occurred to me – I was just walking down the street when suddenly it hit me. It was like something I should have seen but somehow never did. Something seemed to shift in me and I started picking up stuff that I don’t usually pick up on. Stuff that I never ever had picked up on before. I began to tune into what I can only call some seriously weird shit.


Well maybe ‘weird’ is the wrong word to use. It’s all just stuff really – it’s stuff that is true and commonplace and perfectly natural but which I personally didn’t happen to know about. That’s a better way of putting it. It’s only my own ignorance that was making me feel that it was weird or spooky. I just never thought about it before – people were just people as far as I was concerned and that’s all there was to it. People are what they seem to be. We all are just what we seem to be. What a simple straightforward world that is. Only it’s not true – that’s not the way things are. What I have now come to understand is that some of us are dwelling places for ghosts. Maybe a lot of us are. We’re inhabited…


It may not sound very nice to say this but there you go. That’s just the way things are – what are you going to do about it? It’s just a question of waking up to the fact of it. The principle sign of ghost possession – as I can now see very clearly indeed – is the complete lack of any interest or concern in anyone else other than oneself. The possessed people are entirely selfish, in other words. They live in a universe of self – self is all they know. They live in a ‘seamless universe of self’, as William Gibson says. Quite possibly you are now thinking that the people I am talking about are simply sociopaths or psychopaths. It’s not ghosts inhabiting people at all, you are probably saying to yourselves. But this is an example of ‘lazy thinking’ – ‘sociopath’ is merely a classification, it’s not an explanation. It is only a word – it doesn’t mean we actually know anything. We can use the word ‘sociopath’ as much as we want, and be perfectly familiar with it, but that doesn’t mean we have any insight into what is going on there. Far from it…


We do so like to observe the externalities of things and apply labels. That’s our style, that’s what we do. Then we think we have knowledge about it! This is of course pure poppycock. It is balderdash. When you meet someone who has no concept of what it means to have an interest in other people for their own sake what you are dealing with is a human being who is being possessed by a ghost. A ghost is operating them – a ghost we call ‘self’. A spooky entity is inhabiting them and getting them to do stuff, getting them to say things and mimic having actual relationships with other human beings. It’s all pure mimicry though – ghosts can be clever enough sometimes but they are also awesomely stupid. They are stupid because they are only patterns of reflexes that persist for no better reason than the innate mechanical tendency of habits or reflexes to persist. And somehow we mistake that keenness to keep on existing as ‘being alive’!


Don’t you thing that is strange? That we get confused like that about something so important? I think it’s pretty damn strange. Does this mean that we are all ghosts? If we think that the dumb mechanical urge to keep on existing is synonymous with being alive then maybe we are all ghosts? Maybe we’re all playing ‘the shell game’. Maybe we are all ‘haunted houses’ and so we naturally take it completely for granted that this spooky state of affairs is what life is supposed to be like…





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