Legends Of Ancient Urath

I had created my own private universe without realizing that I had done so and after becoming aware of this I knew I was in trouble. I was so annoyed with myself. How could I have done it? How could I have been so stupid? As time went on I grew angrier and angrier with myself. My rage at myself grew. The bitterness I felt at myself grew. I was full of bitterness – bitterness like a dark ocean. I brooded upon this dark ocean of bitterness for an age and out my unhealthy brooding monsters were born. Demons were spawned out of the unwholesome stew of my inwardly-directed malice and each one of these demons spawned innumerable lesser demons, their evil beyond the comprehension of men. I realized then that not only had I made the error of creating my own private universe, I had also inadvertently spawned innumerable shadow worlds, each ruled over by the principle of evil. Thoughts forms, dark eidola, had been born from my brooding and each of these thought-forms had gone on to be the co-creators of numberless warped worlds, each world hosting untold generations of men and women, blameless in their original nature but nevertheless bound to live out their lives in accordance with the forces of evil that governed their fate. The denizens of these dark worlds, though they did not know it, were the prisoners of the mendacious mentality of the one who had created them. They could never escape this shadow and such was their unhappy lot in life. Perversity ruled unchecked on these worlds. One such world was Earth, known in the ancient legends as Vanished Urath, home of the free men. No matter what the legend stated, Earth was not the home of any free men or women for the very structure of reality itself had been distorted on that planet making freedom of any sort a complete impossibility. Reality itself had been subverted by the malign mentality that had created this world and as a result the beings there grow not towards the light of the truth as they should do but instead towards the deceiving, will-o-the-wisp artificial light of falsehood, the light of the advertising industries, which is the malignant beacon that lures all creatures to their destruction. And all of this was my fault. It was because of me that all these things had come to pass. I had become Satan without intending to and as a result of my error I had unwittingly cast my long shadow over the whole of Creation….





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