Bad Day

You know that feeling you get when you have always always always told yourself that no matter how bad things get you have always got at least this one thing going for you, this one thing that you can keep on coming back to in your thoughts as many times as you need to, this one thing that will never fail to give you comfort when you think about it just as it always has done in the past and then all of a sudden unaccountably out of the blue you realize to your horror that this supposed thing that you had going for you is actually just a crock of shit, that it’s not actually worth a damn, that your whole life you were just deceiving yourself like the poor pathetic self-deluding fool you are?  You know how bad that feeling is, right? Everyone knows how bad that feels. Well that particular feeling is a walk in the park compared to how I feel now. That feeling, the feeling that I have just described, is like a package holiday in the Algarve compared to what I am feeling right at this moment. Man, am I feeling bad! I really am having a bad day. You don’t want to know about it, you really really don’t. ‘Well buddy that sure sounds rough’ I hear you say. ‘Disillusionment is a tough thing for sure my friend but you just need to bite the bullet.’ you tell me. ‘Yeah yeah yeah’, you say, ‘that’s just the way things are. You need to man up and take it on the chin.’ But what if you haven’t got a chin, huh? What then? What would you advise then Mr Wiseguy? You have to be strong people always say. Don’t they always say that? You have to be strong. Be strong. Be strong. But what if you’re not? What are you going to do then? What if you’re not strong? What’s the fall-back plan? What’s Plan B? If you happen to be strong well and good. Fine. That’s no problem is it? It’s when you’re not strong – not even a little bit strong – that you’re in the shit. I mean, you really are in the shit then wouldn’t you say? Like, totally in the shit. No need for much more discussion in that case, is there? No need for a big old debate about it. There’s no advice forthcoming then I can tell you. All the helpful suggestions kind of dry up then, in my experience. They dry up real quick! People aren’t really a lot of help when it comes right down to it are they?




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