The Sentient Universe has a blind spot and that is where I am hiding. There is one place It cannot look and that is where I am – I have found my way here with some unerring instinct that I cannot explain to myself. There is only one place I can be safe and somehow I have managed to find it. Don’t ask me how I found it though because that I do not know… I am there, safe and secure (however temporarily) in the universe’s blind spot and I certainly don’t have any intention of venturing out in a hurry. I’m in no hurry at all, I can tell you!


It might sound strange to say that the Sentient Universe has a blind spot. It may sound strange to hear talk of there being such a thing as a ‘sentient universe’ in the first place – it’s not exactly a commonplace concept, after all. Perhaps you have never heard of the Sentient Universe? Perhaps you didn’t know that the universe was aware? Perhaps that comes as news to you. If so, you’re better off that way, that’s all I can say. You’re infinitely better off. I would in fact give anything to be you. Some things you’re better off not knowing…


There is nothing worse than discovering that the universe is self-aware, and that not only is it self-aware but that in its godlike omniscience it has decided that you are bad and have to eliminated. Can you imagine anything worse? If you think you can I would very much appreciate hearing about it. You can send me an email. I am of course being sarcastic – do you really think there could be something worse than being relentlessly persecuted by a sentient universe? I know people have troubles. I know everyone has their own problems and I would like to think that I am sympathetic to other human beings when they are in trouble. I’m not a sociopath or anything like that. But my ideas about what constitutes ‘trouble’ have changed very drastically in the last few months. When I look back on all the times that I thought that I was in serious trouble I could cry out at the awareness of my own foolishness – I would give anything to have those troubles back again! I would count myself lucky. The pure relief I would feel would go right off the scale. I would get down on my knees and cry tears of the purest most heartfelt gratitude.


So you can see that what people look upon as ‘problems’ means very little to me. Perhaps their neighbours have a dog which is keeping them up at night with its barking. Perhaps their car has broken down and they have to catch the bus to work. Or perhaps they are in trouble with the law and are on the run from the police. I’ve been there. I know that that feels like. But don’t try telling that this is a serious problem. That isn’t a problem at all. You want a problem? You really want a problem? Try being on the run from a hostile universe that wants to snuff you. Try being on the run from a hostile sentient universe that has decided to annihilate you. Try hiding from a universe that has unsurpassed telepathic powers and infinite resources to draw upon.


I have at least one thing going for me, I suppose. I have discovered that the Sentient Universe has a blind spot and have taken full advantage of it. I have found my own private bolthole of unreality in which I cannot be traced, in which I cannot be detected, and I’m not coming out.





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