So anyway this is my ‘insight’ and I know it isn’t much of an insight really because lots of other people have already said it and all I am doing is agreeing with them but anyway the insight is that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter represent the ultimate degradation of human consciousness. Consciousness is in the process of being converted into something frankly ridiculous, something unbelievably lame. So what we’re witnessing even though we don’t know it (and are in fact very far indeed from ever knowing it) is a kind of spectacularly horrific – but at the same time wonderfully elegant – experiment designed to explore just how far our consciousness can be degraded before we start to notice. Who happens to be running the experiment I don’t know – maybe the experiment is running itself! That kind of thing can happen you know. I don’t know how but it can. We live in a deeply mysterious universe after all. Perhaps consciousness is experimenting on itself. I don’t know. Perhaps it’s art. Perhaps it’s the frigging Illuminati. I don’t know. Aren’t they responsible for most of the bad shit that’s going on. Chem trails and stuff. What was I talking about anyway? I’ve forgotten where I was going with all that. Something about the kind of dumb-ass shit people post on Facebook. Like how it’s shit and stuff. I don’t know. Something like that.









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