Demon Mind


The strong ones are all ruled by demons. The ones in positions of authority or power are all ruled by demons. To a man. To a woman. None are left unruled – not a one. That isn’t permitted…


The only ones who are not ruled by demons are the ones without power, without authority. The ones who don’t count, the ones no one takes any notice of. Some of these were ruled by demons, some weren’t. Often it was hard to tell – chances were that anyone you come across were going to be under demonic rule. But on the whole it was true that they didn’t usually bother with the people who weren’t strong, the people who didn’t have any power. These people are invisible – as I have said, they just don’t count.


I am one of those powerless ones, one of those invisible ones, one of those people who the demons don’t consider important enough to rule, and what follows is my story…


No that’s no good. That’s not right. I have to start again. I’m ruled by demons too – of course I am. I’m not exempt from demonic possession, much as I might like to imagine. All meat is ruled by demons, isn’t that right? There’s no freedom for the meat. There’s no escape from bondage, from mechanical servitude. I’m ruled by demons too but they’re not making me write this – they’ve left me for a while. They do that. They go off somewhere. Or maybe they’re asleep. Yes that’s it. They’re asleep. They’re sleeping. They’ve been partying in the flesh and now they’re sleeping it off…


So while the cat’s away the mice will play. Isn’t that right? Isn’t that the way? So I’m sitting here writing out my story while I have the chance, before the demons come and take me over again. Some of what I said earlier is true. There’s no major-league demon ruling me, it’s only the riff-raff, only the mindless dregs that take any interest in me. Whoever happens to be around at the time. Joy riders. The higher echelon demons don’t care about me because I’m useless to them. I have no power, no standing in the world, and so why would the big boys take an interest in me? I’m just useless meat, they have no time for me, which I see as being to my advantage since the lower demons are stupid as well as erratic. I can get around them – sort of…


What are the demons doing with the world, I sometimes wonder (when I’m not being possessed by the lowest of the low)? What the hell are they up to? What’s their plan? Whatever it is, it seems to be well under control. They have the project well in hand. Who’s going to stand up to them, anyway? Not the likes of me, certainly. I can’t do anything. Just try to survive, eek out some kind of an existence. Remain inconspicuous. The demons rule all the important people, all the major players. The demons never let them go for a second. They never let them off the leash! They operate them the whole time, they operate them nonstop. Busy, busy, busy – that’s what they are. All the significant people in society. Busy doing the demons’ work!


I can of course see what’s going on to a certain extent. I’ve worked a few things out. That’s the advantage of not being possessed on a full-time basis – you can think for yourself, you can work things out. The fully paid-up members of society, the ones who work for the demons without knowing it, aren’t allowed their own minds. They never get to think for themselves. They don’t even know what it means. This is because the demons have given them their own minds – the Demon-Mind! The demon mind is a Group Mind. It’s a generic mind – that’s how it works. That’s its nature. There is no wisdom, no genuine intelligence in the Group Mind. There is actually no true awareness. Instead, there is something else – mechanical cunning. It has cleverness instead of intelligence- there’s a difference. A very big difference.


The Group Mind is a type of machine really – a highly adaptable one. It has lots and lots of tricks up its sleeve, lots and lots of strategies that it has evolved over the millennia. It never forgets a thing and it is very patient. It absorbs tricks like a giant amoeba; when it comes up against something new it comes up with an adaptive response very quickly. It’s possible to stay one step ahead of the Demon Mind, the Group Mind, and operate in its blind-spot, so to speak, but it’s not easy. As I’ve said, the Demon Mind is generic in nature and the generic mind – like an amoeba -never dies. How can it die? Individuals are infinitely disposable as far as it’s concerned. It jumps from one to another with ease. It replicates itself in every person it takes over, their individuality snuffed out before the age of puberty usually and replaced with the generic mind. And when it happens to you, you never even know the difference. You just carry on as if nothing had happened. You just keep on walking, only now it’s the demons telling us where to walk and what to do when we get there!


It’s the perfect crime, the perfect murder, as Baudrillard said. He knew! He said it out loud in the plainest of language! Somehow he avoided getting his mind replaced by the one-size-fits-all generic version. The set-up isn’t perfect – it slips up every now and again. One or two get past it to witness what is going on. Not that anyone ever takes a blind bit of notice of what such people say! They might as well be talking Martian as far as everyone else is concerned so I guess the Demon Mind is safe enough. A voice crying out in the wilderness. What does Milarepa say – “You man with a human body but a demon’s face. Listen to me. Listen to the song of Milarepa!”


Milarepa lived a thousand years ago so it looks like things haven’t changed that much. Demons still walk the earth in the bodies of men and women. Only there’s many more of them now, and they’re better organized…








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