The Reversed World

I was happy enough in my imagination, in some kind of a half-assed way at least. I was ‘happy’ – or I was what passes for happy in my own imagination, shall we say, and that did me fine. What else would I have to go on, after all? Insofar as I was able to deny all the old bad stuff, block it out so to speak, and feel relatively normal as a result, I was happy. ‘Happy’ doesn’t have to be anything too great you see, it is just some state of being or other where all the bad stuff never makes it as far as my consciousness. I was ‘happy’ – yes, let’s call it that. I am perfectly entitled to call it that, I believe.


Elation is nothing more than the successful denial of despair, as one erudite student of the arcane arts has put it. And fair play to him for that. That’s how the Reversed World comes into being, obviously. It has to come into being one way or another and that’s how! The Reversed World was originally created by the Great Conjurer himself, or at least that’s what it says in the legends. He pulled it out of his Trick Top Hat. He pulled it out of somewhere, anyhow!


He pulled it out of somewhere boys, he pulled it out of somewhere. He surely did. That’s if you believe that type of thing, of course. That’s only if you believe the old legends and suchlike. In days of yore when less was more, and trouble wasn’t invented. And so on and so forth. In the Reversed World well-being – or what passes for well-being – is obtained via the tried and trusted procedure of denying the truth that is staring us in the face and what could be simpler than this? The better you are able to deny the truth the better you will feel and those who aren’t so good at doing this are known as ‘losers’ and we all stay away from them. To be sure we do, and could you blame us? That sort of shit could be catching, after all.


That sort of shit probably is catching, if you ask me. It’s probably as contagious as hell. The ultimate benefit in this world is the benefit of being able to believe that a manky collection of blatantly self-serving lies are God’s Own Sacred Truth. If you’ve got that ability then you’ve got it made. You’ve got all that you need. You are now properly equipped for life in the Reversed World where ignorance is power and actual honest-to-goodness insight is Satan’s curse. What a setup, huh? You’ve got it to hand it to him. The Great Conjurer, that is. Not for nothing is he known as the Reverend Father of All Falsehoods. He wrote the book, so he did. No one ever feels really happy here – we get to feel normal if we’re are lucky and normal will do the job just fine. It’s better to be normal than abnormal, after all! Anything has got to be better than abnormal because if you’re abnormal… – well, you know what happens in that case as well as I do!


He pulled it out of somewhere boys, he surely did! That’s if you believe the old stories which personally I don’t. And that’s okay as well of course, that’s okay as well. And if you were to ask me if I’m happy or not I’d straightaway reply ‘Sure I am’. Happy as Larry I am. I’m as happy as you like, as happy as can be. I’m as happy as a pig in mud. We are all happy here – anyone you talk to will tell you the same…








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