Commercial Break

There is a principle at work here and this principle might be stated as follows: the content of our consciousness is exclusively that content that is allowed and sanctified by the planet-wide advertising agencies. That’s the modern way. Or as we could also say, the content of the adverts that we are subjected to on a daily basis is the same as the consciousness that has been conditioned by this all-pervading advertising. It works the same both ways, obviously. Our consciousness itself is no more than an advert. You think that it’s your life you’re living but no it’s a commercial! It’s a commercial break. It’s not ‘your life’ (as you may fondly imagine), it’s an advert for society, it’s an advert for our way of life. You’re an advert for society, so you’d better step up! If you somehow get it into your head that you are not an advert for society, and that you are something else and not a walking talking commercial – then you will be marginalised, you will be effectively written off as a person. You’ll lose all credibility. How can you be granted any credibility if you are refusing to play the role that you have been allocated, if you refuse to do your job properly? You’re letting us all down, obviously. And in this case you don’t deserve to be treated as if you have any worth; you’ve gone rogue, after all. Your actions are not serving the common cause, which is the cause of widely promoting the society that we are involuntarily part of. You are in fact a betrayer of the common values, a traitor to the cause. You’ve let the side down big time so how can you expect to be taken seriously anymore? Your crime will be evident to all who meet you. You’re not doing what all will call your duty. Why will you not do your duty? This is a question no one can answer – not even you. Not that anyone really cares what the answer might be; no one has any interest in the question as to why you won’t do the responsible thing. It’s enough to know that you don’t, that you will not. Your crime is evident and that is all anyone cares about. If you really wanted to be taken seriously, if you really wanted to earn respect, then you would play your part. You are required to promote the product. If you won’t promote the product then what part do you have in all this? If you not with us then you must be against us, isn’t that what they say? You’re not ‘living the dream,’ you’re living the commercial only this doesn’t sound quite so good so we won’t put it that way. It’s a commercial for something that’s not really that great  – it’s a commercial for a way of life only this way of life isn’t any good when it comes down to it. It’s only a commercial, after all! How could it be any good? It’s only an ad – it’s an ad for a way of life that is in fact only an ad for itself. We’re all promoting the product and the product is us promoting the product because that’s all we ever do, because that’s what we’re all about. How can we do anything that isn’t promoting the product when anything we do that isn’t ‘promoting the product’ will get us marginalised, will result in us being sent off-stage in disgrace? No one wants to be sent off stage – all we care about is being part of what’s going on. We don’t care what’s going on, we just want to be part of it. We don’t care that ‘what is going on’ is only a crappy commercial for a way of life which is in itself only a commercial. Do you think we care about that?








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