The Great Unclean Ones

His name was Khalib, and he was one of the Great Teacher Gods that came to save the human kind back in the evil times, back in those bad old evil times. What can we say about those bad old evil times? Only that they were bad, only that they were evil. Evil days, my friends, evil days. From evil comes evil so they say, and I’m not about to start arguing over that. An evil past heralds an evil future and we can see the evidence of that all around us. Until very recently all humans worshipped a god known simply as The Necrophile, who was the last of the Great Unclean Ones. That’s human beings for you – no standards at all when it comes to gods. We’ll worship anything. We worship power, you see – it’s basically the only thing we understand. Power is after all a very obvious kind of thing – if two guys are slugging it out in a boxing ring and one guy is hammering the other then we know where the power lies. So we spot who has the power and we automatically root for them, we get behind the winner and cheer him on, delighting in every blow that falls upon the unfortunate loser. The harder it is for the loser the more we like it! We’re on the side of the winner every time because that way we get to participate in the triumph of power, we get to feel that we are powerful too. That’s basic psychology, right? We worship power above all else, and beyond a shadow of a doubt that trait derives from our evil beginnings. From evil, evil will come, as the saying goes. That’s how come humankind ended up worshipping The Necrophile, and sacrificing both enemy and friends alike to him in the hope of earning some favour from him, in the hope of finding an advantageous position in society. A crumb from the table from the Great Evil One! It’s a sordid and distasteful business but such has ever been away with humankind, I’m afraid. That’s why the Great Teacher Gods came, from beyond the furthest reaches of the universe, to bring us word of the Higher Realms, to let us know of better Ways of Being. They came to tell us of the Non-Satanic Realities and chief amongst them is Khalib, as I have already mentioned. Some say that Khalib was a robot from the far-flung Robot Empire and this may have been true, for he was surpassing height, and was bright shining silver from head to toe. It was said that he did not need to eat or drink, nor sleep as men do, and that he obtained his energy directly from the sun itself via the dish on his head. All these things and more were said about Khalib – it was said that he came from the Realm of Light in order to save mankind from itself. Of course, these days we look down on robots and consider them to be no more than metal servants, but back then in the Dawn Age automata will were an revered race, and were greatly respected. So it was that Khalib came to us, back in the Dawn Times, when the Great Unclean Ones ruled the earth. So it was, so it was, and this is the story of his struggle against those hideous Unclean Ones, and how he came to vanquish them, all apart from The Necrophile, whose worship continued until recent times, as I have already told you. This is his story and I invite you now to sit down and listen, and hear more of it…







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