Kicking Around In The Information Environment

I was kicking around aimlessly in the information environment as usual, pretty much as per usual, and the information environment was telling me who I was. I love the information environment for being so good at telling me who I am – it does such an excellent job of that. It hardly ever falters, very rarely does it falter. We should all be very thankful to the IE for doing the job that it does. I firmly believe that we should be very grateful to it. I firmly believe that we should, I firmly believe that we should. That’s one half of the story, anyway. That’s my half of the story.


The IE always tells us who we are – that’s what it does best and that’s also all that it does. That’s the whole point of it. What else would it be for? Hanging out in the old IE, kicking around the place, kicking the shit around, kicking the can along the road, being bored but having fun, that’s what it’s all about. Hanging out with your good, good buddies who are also being told by the IE who they are. They’ve been told that all their lives. Is it any wonder that we are having such great fun? Is it any wonder that we are bored out of our tiny skulls? I firmly believe that, I firmly believe that. Is it any wonder that we are?


I want to have a meaningful life the same as everyone else does. You bet your underpants I do! You betcha I do. Damn right I do. That’s why I am a seeker after transcendental knowledge, that’s why I’m a serious student of the esoteric arts in the way that I am. That’s why I am. I was born the same as anyone else – of course – and then I went to school. I still remember that. To this day I remember it. They taught me all the things I needed to know and then – bit by bit – I learned them. They told me who I was. They gave me the good, good information. I learned a lot, of course. I learned plenty. Then I left school and was on unemployment benefit. I registered with the Department of Health and Social Security in Battersea, which is across the road from the entrance to Battersea Park. Two hundred acres of green space in the London Borough of Wandsworth. I dreamt it so it must be true. I dreamt it so it must be true. I firmly believe, I firmly believe.


I was learning who I was all the time and that’s a very important lesson. It’s a lesson that we all ought to learn! Here’s a lesson for you girls and boys. Here’s a lesson it would help all of us to learn. Is it any wonder we are having such fun I ask myself? There’s a lesson there somewhere if only we could learn it. The more you interact with the IE the more tells you who you are and one day you will join up all the dots and then you’ll know. You’ll know for sure. You’ll know and there’ll be no getting away from it. You’ll be done up like a kipper. Someone will spell out the message for you, they will spell it out for you in your head by telepathy. By telepathic messages that will go right into your unconscious and take root there.


I love to have fun of course, just the same as anyone else. I just don’t know how. I never learned that. I never learned anything much really. Back then I was young and stupid and I grew a lot stupider as time went on. Much, much stupider. Everyone has some kind of gift or talent, if only they could discover it, and that was mine. That is mine. If you hang around long enough then maybe you will hang around a long time. Who knows? And all the time the IE is telling you who you are. It’s explaining it to you, it’s helping you to understand. My good buddies were telling me who I was too. Is it any wonder we were having such a good time? Is it any wonder, I asked myself.


I dreamt it so it must be true, I tell myself authoritatively. I’m an authority on dreaming you know. I dreamed plenty things. Some things that you may not believe. Other things that you probably would believe. We all like to believe in things of course – I believe lots of things. I might be sitting here bored out of my skull, fed up with hanging around in the crappy old IE because I’m afraid to leave, but at least I believe many things. That’s me being ironic. I’m trying to make out that I’m not quite as stupid and serious as I actually am. I love to have fun the same as everyone else does of course but it’s just that I’m kind of out of the loop. I’m out of practice. I laugh along when everyone else does but I don’t really get it. I never did get it. I laugh when I’m supposed to laugh but it’s all rather hollow. I’d like to have a real adventure for once in my life but I’m afraid. I’d like to have fun but I don’t know how…









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