Just You And The Product

It’s absolutely essential to accomplish the Hero’s Task and this has to be very clearly understood – it has to be understood without a shadow of doubt. This – not to beat about the bush too much – is what life is all about. People may tell you it’s about something else but it is that’s just a dirty lie put you off the scent. That’s just a lie put about by the Great Liar Himself. If you don’t accomplish the Hero’s Task then that’s not so good. Not so good, not so good at all. You’ll regret that bitterly, when the time comes. You can’t imagine how bad that will hurt…


The product was telling me that I was enjoying the product. The product told me that I wanted the product and then the product was telling me that I was enjoying the product, enjoying every single mouthful. Enjoying it so much. Enjoying it so much that I could cry. When you finish the product then you look back and experience nostalgia for the good times you had. The good, good times. Just you and the product – having a good, good time.


You can’t see straight anymore because your eyes are so full of tears. Swimming with tears. You’re stumbling along feeling all choked up. You miss the product. There’s no more product and you’re missing it. You’re missing it real bad. You’re yearning for the good old times that you used to have, the happy joyful times. Society has broken down; civilisation has disintegrated and the End Days are nigh. That’s why you’re missing the product so much, because no one knows how to make the product any more. The skill has been lost, the technology no longer exists.


The people are happy because the product is telling them that everything is great, that everything is fine. They are happy and smiling and so am I. The product was telling me that everything was great, that everything was fine. My life had become very small and meaningless but what was I do? I’d forgotten about the Hero’s Task. I’d forgotten that there was ever such a thing. I’d forgotten so completely that I didn’t even try to remember anymore. I wasn’t even sad that I had forgotten it. I thought life was all about enjoying the product. That’s what we’re told, after all…


I’d forgotten everything that was decent and wholesome about life. I’d long since forgotten. I thought life was all about being a well-behaved narcissist. How are we supposed to know any different, anyway? Isn’t that what we are told by friends and buddies? Isn’t that what the ads on TV tell us we’re supposed to be? Isn’t that what the Great Liar Himself tells us every single day of our lives? How are we supposed to know that he’s only a liar? No one ever told us that.


The product was telling me that I was loving the product. Loving it so much. Loving every mouthful, loving so much. Loving it so much that I could cry with happiness. Realising how lucky I was to be enjoying it. The product tells us everything, doesn’t it? It tells us the story of our lives. It tells us who our friends are and who our enemies are. It tells us who to admire and who to despise. Who toady up to and who to be mean to. Who to please and who to hurt. The product tells us what to think. It tells us how lucky we are to be enjoying the product in the way that we are.


We all want to be good, don’t we? We want to do the right thing. We all want that pat on the head that means so very much. The warm smile of approval that means everything for us. I know I do. I want people to know that I’m good and that I’m doing the right thing. That’s very important. That means everything to me. Loving it so much the tears come to your eyes and you can’t see straight anymore. Helplessly blubbering and blubbering, not even trying to cover it up. We all want to enjoy the product, after all. We are afraid of the bad thing happening when we can’t enjoy it any more…







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