It Is All Happening In My head

It was all happening in my head. The whole world was busy happening in my head and my head was like some sort of an ancient decrepit warehouse full of the junk of ages. Everything was happening my head and I realised with a shock that my head was bad. My head was the bad head and the bad head was an alien construct that had been secretly designed to serve our evil masters. A lot of time had passed very quickly and now all of a sudden my head was the decrepit old warehouse full of dysfunctional rusty old machines that I have been telling you about. I never saw it happen, obviously. It must have been some sort of time-warp created by my enemy. The bottom fell out of everything and then the next thing was that we found ourselves down in the rat-infested basement – a basement that there was no way out of because the wooden stairway had long since rotted away into dust. There never is any way out of the basement because that’s the sort of place it is. It’s the sort of place that there is never any escape out of and it’s my head. It’s the bad head that is full of ghosts and demons, squalling and squealing all around you. I am experiencing horrific feelings of intense claustrophobia – I want to run away from all the stuff that is happening in my head but I can’t because there’s nowhere else to go. I want to put some space between me and all of that stuff but there’s no more space left in my head. It is full of malignant, persecutory junk. My head is the bad warehouse, full of toxic waste products. Evil creatures live there, predators which move so quickly you can hardly see them until it’s too late. Either that or they creep up on you so slowly that you never notice that either. Either way the result is the same. The evil spirit of me is persecuting me – it is persecuting me with the full force of evil. It buzzes around my head like a giant predatory wasp looking for somewhere to place its deadly eggs. The dreadful noise of its wings, the frightening wasp-like noise that it makes. The evil buzzing of the bad spirits as they haunt you. When they hatch the larva will make their home in you and they will get bigger and fatter as you get more and more hollow. Until you are just like this big hollow thing, this vast empty warehouse full of fast moving ghost-predators that you can’t ever get away from. The evil warehouse is full to the brim with buzzing paranoia: you are relentlessly persecuting yourself and you know there’s no escape. You can hear the horrible buzzing wasp noise that is coming from somewhere in your head. You turn around but it’s gone, there’s only a bad smell. You’re all alone in the warehouse and the evil spirit of you is haunting you – it has been haunting you for your whole life and you can’t get rid of it. Maybe it is you, you think sadly. Maybe the evil spirit is you and that’s why you can’t get away from it. You were the evil spirit all along and it is all happening in your head. The whole world is busy happening in your head…









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