Laying Your Egg

Is there a world in which the clichés are forever fresh, forever apt, forever entertaining with their delight-inducing sparkiness? This was my question, you see. This was the question that I was posing, the question that I am posing. And the answer is, ‘Yes – there is such a world! There is such a world and we’re living in it!’ What a wonderful, splendid world this is therefore – what a splendid, splendid world. I’m amazed that people complain so much – what have they got to complain about, I wonder? You could walk into a room full of people, drop a cliché in there (just as one might release an evil-smelling fart) and the good folk there will cry out in amazed appreciation, they will be taken by surprise by your ready wit, by the remarkable dexterity of your tongue. How they will admire you! Such looks of admiration will you get! Such looks, such looks. Such glowing looks. Can you imagine how smug that will make you feel? You’re in heaven. Can you imagine how glorious your inner sensations will be in such an intensely validating situation? There is such a world you see and we are lucky enough to live in it. We live in a world where anything goes, just so long as – well, you know what I’m saying… Just so long as it’s – well, you know. I don’t need to spell it out. I’m amazed that people complain so much – you could walk into a room full of people and drop a real stinker, a real bad stinker that no one could mistake for anything else other than what it is, and then receive a round of applause. What more could anyone want? We all want a word like that and who can blame us? Personally speaking, I’m full of praise and admiration for such a situation because I know it makes sense in the way you like to see things. We all want to look at things in a way that makes sense of course and so when someone you don’t know walks into the room and drops a real stinker you stop what you are doing all of a sudden and there is a break in the conversation and we all break into words of soft murmuring appreciation. You get all these looks of admiration from complete strangers and that makes you feel so good. Everything feels so right and that’s how come you know it all makes sense. We are lucky because that’s the kind of splendid world we live in. There’s a brief pause in the conversation you take your opportunity to drop one in there. It’s as simple as that. You take your opportunity to lay your egg and that’s all there is to it. Murmurs of soft appreciation spread out like ripples in the pool. You’ve laid your egg and it’s simple as that. It’s not original and neither are you but who’s counting? LSD is being used by the audience. You take your opportunity and that’s all there is to it. You drop it in there and watch the nods of appreciation rippling outwards. ‘Yes buddy,’ they are saying as they nod, ‘Oh yes buddy – you said it right there.’ You’re getting all these looks of admiration and you’re feeling so good. These are sacred times and you are glad to be part of it.








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