The Knowledge That Nothing Is True

There are narratives within narratives, there are narratives within narratives within narratives, and all of them designed to deceive. We all know this of course – every one of us knows this. We are not fools after all, we are not idiots. We all know the score and there’s no question about that, no question at all. Elements of the personality itself are part of the conspiracy, needless to say. We can’t even trust our own personalities; naturally we can’t trust our own personalities – they are part of the false narrative too. They are at the very heart of it. We’re used to that, needless to say. We’re all wise to that one. Paranoia is rife of course; paranoia was always rife but now it’s rifer than ever. It’s the rifest it’s ever been. People are getting paranoid about the paranoia. Some say that undisclosed government agencies have released swarms of secret nanobots to induce rampant paranoid ideation – the idea is that the false government-sponsored paranoia distracts us from the paranoia of what’s really going on. The truth becomes just another conspiracy myth in a world that is now full of them. It’s a well-known gambit of course; it’s a tried-and-trusted strategy. Our own personalities betray us on a daily basis – it’s a tried and trusted strategy. We are constantly being fed conflicting narratives from all directions – specialist government-sponsored websites have been set up to propagate innumerable false flag conspiracy theories, conspiracy theories designed to point us in the wrong direction. Conspiracy theories that are too far-reaching to believe. Nanobots have been put into the water supply. The nanobots create paranoid beliefs regarding the government’s involvement in the manufacturing and illegal distribution of paranoia-generating nanobots. It’s a closed loop of paranoia, it’s a well-known gambit. The truth becomes just another tired old conspiracy theory. There are narratives within narratives of course and that’s just one of them. That’s one small strand. That’s just a single thread – a single fine filament of fiction. Naturally we can’t trust our own thought processes – that’s just another level of disinformation. That’s disinformation about the disinformation. Narratives are then put in place to expose the false narratives and in this way we are put off the scent. Humans – what are they but machines for agreeing with each other? What are they but machines for colluding with other machines? What are they – also – but machines for lying to each other? The two go together, wouldn’t you agree? I lie and you agree to believe me. You agree to lie and I agree to lie about the fact that I know you’re lying. The cause of paranoia has now been scientifically proven; recent research has ‘laid the facts bare,’ we might almost say. The age-old enigma of paranoid psychosis is no longer an enigma. The scientifically-proven cause of both clinical and subclinical paranoia is the knowledge that nothing is true. Nothing is true and yet we keep on saying that it is! We always say that it is. Some things are true and other things are not true – we all know that. We’re not fools, after all… We’re not complete idiots. Some things are true whilst other things are not true, but maybe even that’s a lie…












4 thoughts on “The Knowledge That Nothing Is True

  1. KL

    Negative philosophy …..The mathematical chances of flowing along with the narative which narative…
    the moment is now knowing in the past what we dont know now not knowing the future this becomes the past …. logical disonance…. cognitive elegance… a glimmer of the known … so then instictively the dots may connect…. ancestoral imprintal circuits underlying our superficial memories … and inbetween…

    Experiences, Are they manifested as a result of cyclical patterns combined with quotient of attendance on any paticular occassion?

    Is it syncronicity add remembering and stir…or just associative reactives to familiar indicators?

    Can we step out of the progamming loop?

    The originator of worlds?

    Hi Nick … long time since i read one of your blogs …. even longer since sharing a walk with you… , hope you are well

  2. KL

    Firstly just to confirm it is Nick isnt it? As i dont recognise the username
    I dont write often … so could be you wouldnt recognise me via that

  3. shapeofshapes

    Hi Nick (Zippypinhead… ) this is getting convoluted … have created an email address and a wordpress account…which has involved two user names and two passwords to remember…. hadnt bargained on that…. anyway would like catch up via email… rather than adding all this to your blog this extended series of comments… at this rate i will soon have to select the picture at the top of this post as my profile picture , (there are only so many traffic light pictures i can stand )

    Kez (shapeofshapes)


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