All Institutions Are Evil

Of all the transformations that frequently befall me the one I hate the most is the one in which I get turned into a chattering skull head in the Chattering Skull Head Realm. The Chattering Skull Head Realm is a rich comedy of errors and chief amongst those errors is humankind and their preposterous pomposity. That’s a comedic error if ever there was one – I’d laugh if I could but all I can do is chatter! Chatter, chatter, chatter! Chatter, chatter, chatter – like a laughing skull head! There’s no sense in me at all. All I can do is chatter…


People always want for you to believe their bullshit, don’t they? That is their number one requirement. People always want for you to believe their bullshit and I’m okay with that. That’s just fine by me. Where it gets to be a problem is when you’re dealing with institutions or corporations – that’s when it all starts to get very, very sinister. You are dealing with Satan then and let’s make no mistake on that score! Make no mistake, my friend. Make no mistake. You are dealing with pure undiluted evil then and no one but a fool would deny it. No one but a fool and there’s plenty of them around! Plenty of fools, plenty of fools. What would we do if we ever ran out of fools, huh? Answer me that if you would. Answer me that.


People are pitifully simple in this regard – all they want is for you to believe their bullshit. That’s all. Then they’re happy. Then they’re content. Harmless stuff, it’s all harmless stuff. Every time you meet someone it’s always the same – every time you meet someone that’s what they’re saying to you. That’s what they’re asking you. “Please believe my bullshit” – that’s what they’re saying to you. Please believe my bullshit. Pathetic isn’t it? Pathetic but harmless, pathetic but harmless – you can take it or leave it, after all. You can humour them or you can walk away, as you please. You can laugh out loud in their faces if you want. Institutions are different however. Institutions are a different matter all entirely. Please listen to me when I tell you that. Institutions are evil – pure evil. You really want to listen to me when I say that because I know what I’m talking about. I’ve done the research.


An institution will grind you down, you see. Yes it will. It will always grind you down. It will grind you down every single time. The institution will make you swallow its bullshit sooner or later. Swallow that bullshit, swallow that bullshit. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Have you ever noticed how every single person in an organisation always comes out with the same old bullshit? Of course you have. We’ve all noticed that. Everyone always notices that. The same old bullshit, the same old bullshit. You’d think that they’d notice though, wouldn’t you? You’d think they’d notice what total twats they are. You think they’d feel shame – they ought to feel shame, oughtn’t they? They really ought to.


They don’t though. Instead they feel smug. They actually feel smug – can you believe that? Can you fucking believe that? Can you fucking believe it? The stupid dumb bastards actually feel SMUG! Can you believe that? They positively ooze smugness. The dirty complacent shit-heads…







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