Lost In Samsara

Someone was advertising for multidimensional transformational awakening down by the canal. A rather grubby-looking sticker, giving the name and phone number of a Dr Yvonne something or other. Well, I thought to myself, that’s the big one isn’t it – multidimensional transformational awakening! That definitely sounds like rather a big deal. A kind of a big deal. It’s all too easy to be sarcastic, isn’t it? It’s all too easy to run people down for advertising multidimensional transformational awakening via a grubby-looking sticker stuck on a lamp post somewhere down by the canal. Is that really how it happens, I found myself wondering. Do you just stumble across MDTA just like that? But then again, who’s to say that this isn’t how it happens? Who’s to say? I’m struggling to keep an open mind, I’m struggling not to be cynical. It’s hard not to be cynical though isn’t it? The thing is that we live in such a deceptive world. Everyone’s trying to trick everyone else. Deception is the name of the game; deception is what it’s all about. That’s what Heraclitus was saying isn’t it? It is in the nature of things to be deceptive. Nature loves to pretend to be what it isn’t. Just to see if you’re dumb enough to believe it! You fall at the first fence then. You fall and you don’t get up again. You bite the dust, you’re a goner. Dumb-asses always bite the dust, right? That’s what they deserve. The reward for being a dumb-ass is that life itself takes the piss out of you. That’s how it works. That’s how it has always worked. Never give a sucker an even break, right? So when you see someone advertising multidimensional transformational awakening on a lamppost are you going to take this at face value? Are you going to go along with it? Or – more to the point – are you going to hand over the cash for it? MDTA is a product just like any other product, after all. It has to be advertised, it has to be promoted. You have to pay good money for it. ‘Look you guys, multidimensional transformational awakening is a pretty cool thing!’ It’s all in the name, right? It’s all in the name. It’s easy to be bitter about things, isn’t it? Particularly when you’re not multidimensionally transformed and awakened! You can get very bitter indeed then. You can get very bitter and very cynical then because you don’t know any better. You’re just an idiot lost in samsara. You’re just an idiot lost in samsara and the joke’s on you!





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