Trash Memes

Such is our unconsciously perverse, pain-seeking nature that – given half a chance – we will straightaway proceed to design an Abusive Environment for ourselves and then, having succeeded at this, we will then sink an awful lot of energy into denying that there is, on the one hand, any other way of doing things, and – on the other hand – into claiming that this way of doing things is actually pleasant and wholesome and that it should be considered ‘the way to go’!


That’s it in a nutshell, really. How many times would you hear it spelled out as clearly as that? Not very often, I’ll warrant! Not at all, I’ll warrant. By jingo you won’t! You won’t hear it spelt out clearly as I did just now and that’s a fact. Damn straight it’s a fact. This particular formulation of the truth of our situation is strictly prohibited in the Abusive Environment. It’s not so much that is prohibited perhaps but rather that we have had a psychic block placed deep in our consciousness so that if anyone were to come up and tell us the truth of our situation then we wouldn’t understand what a word of what they were saying.


‘So what kind of stuff goes on in the abusive environment?’ You ask politely. Perhaps you are humouring me. I don’t know – I have no way of knowing. It doesn’t matter though, it doesn’t matter if you’re humouring me or not. What goes on you see is that we are forced to think nonsense thoughts on a continual basis. This Abusive Environment of ours bombards us night and day with nonsense tropes, trash memes, and we have no choice but to let them enter our consciousness and not only enter our consciousness but take up residence there too. And not only do the nonsense memes take up residence in us, they act as seeds to crystallise our sense of identity, our sense of purpose.


‘So what sort of purpose might that be?’ you ask, raising your eyebrows very slightly. ‘What kind of purpose indeed, my friend’ I reply, ‘what kind of purpose indeed…’ When I think of those dirty old trash means I feel the bile rising within me. I feel it bubbling up like a black tide in my stomach. You’d wonder what kind of so-called ‘purposes’ could come about as a result of that dirty filthy old trash memes, wouldn’t you? You’d have to wonder…


So the thing about the Abusive Environment isn’t just that it’s bombarding us with all these amplified viral messages that burrow deep into our consciousness – although that would of course be quite bad enough on its own. It goes far beyond this however: we are actually coerced to believe them, we’re forced to believe the trash memes even though they are total and utter toxic nonsense. We are compelled to believe those dirty filthy trash means you see. We’re not given any choice…


We don’t see what’s going on at all, we’ve got it all backwards – we perceive ourselves to be thinking these thoughts that makes sense and which are ours and only ours and not anyone else’s, whereas the truth is that they are dirty generic trash memes and they don’t mean anything at all! Of course the dirty generic old trash memes don’t ‘mean’ anything – they’re just vile nonsense thoughts! They’re toxic garbage through and through.


That’s the thing you see. That’s the thing about the Abusive Environment. These hideous file trash memes aren’t meant to ‘make sense’, they’re meant to take the piss. They’re meant to mock us for being so stupid as to go along with them. They’re meant to humiliate us, to degrade us. They’re meant to defile our essential being. When we allow (as we do allow) these dirty filthy toxic trash memes to define us (as they do define us) then we – of course – become trash too! We become toxic garbage too and on this basis we naturally despise ourselves. And that’s what the Abusive Environment wants, you see. That’s what the Abusive Environment wants.





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