It’s Nice If You Like It

I have of course a certain reputation to uphold, to live up to, even if it is only in my imagination! I don’t actually know anything outside of my own imagination anyway, so I don’t see any problem with that. I don’t see any problem that wasn’t already there and so there is hardly any need for me to go troubling myself any further on that account. Maybe my reputation only does exist in my own imagination but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to live up to it! I can’t go letting standards slip – if I did that then I wouldn’t know where I’d end up. Sorry, that was stupid of me to say that – I was trying to be funny but in rather a lame way. It was a stupid joke. Even in saying that I was letting standards slip! I was letting standards slip, and when they slip they slip, isn’t that the way? Is it not true that we all don’t know anything outside of our own very limited imaginations? We don’t know and we don’t care either. But does it really matter? Is it a big deal or is it not? Or should we all just forget about it? Forget about it. Should we forget about it? Forget about what, you say. Of course, as soon as we start with this craic then standards start slipping like fuck all over the shop and no one gives a shit because giving a shit isn’t what it’s all about. No it isn’t what it’s all about and it’s a very sad day for you if you think that it is! What is it all about then, we all want to know. Only we don’t, we don’t want to know. What’s it all about? What’s it all about? When standards start slipping like crazy all over the shop then that’s when all the fun starts. That’s when all the fun starts. A type of the fun, anyway. A type of fun at least. A special type of fun. The special type of fun that we all love so much only we don’t really love it. We just think that we do. Isn’t that just as good, you want to know? Only you don’t. You don’t want to know and none of us want to know. It’s a type of fun anyway, a type of fun. It’s fun for some, of course. It’s nice if you like it my friend, it’s nice if you like it. Is it a big deal or is it not a big deal? Is there anyone we could ask? Some kind of world-renowned ‘expert in the field’? Excuse me while I piss myself laughing. It’s time for the Grand Experiment, that’s what I wanted to say. We’re all part of the Grand Experiment. I forgot what I wanted to say but that’s it – now I’ve remembered! It’s the Grand Experiment, which is proceeding very nicely thank you. Only no one knows what the results are. We’ve kind of lost track of that. No one knows and no one cares but that’s kind of the point really isn’t it? It’s fun for some people of course and that’s what happens when you let standards slip. It’s fun if you like it my friends, it’s fun if you like it.


Art: Ship of Fools, Vladimir Vereschagin









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