Does Satan Rule The World?

Is it possible for me to lose consciousness without even knowing that I am, I ask myself, and then only moments later I completely forgot that I’d ever asked anything. Is it possible that AIs are emotionally manipulating us through social media, I ask myself, only to be completely distracted by another question barely seconds later. My attention had hopped elsewhere like a frog jumping in the darkness. Who knows where it had gone? Who even cared? I was speeding down a long dark lane heading in the opposite direction from all that was good, all that was wholesome in my life. I had forgotten about all that was good – I had forgotten it instantly, irreversibly. It’s amazing how quickly we can forget about something, isn’t it? Or rather, it would be if we could remember having forgotten it. If we could remember then would be amazed for sure! Who’s to know how much we have all we have forgotten? Who to know how much we are forgetting every single moment of our lives? I’m speeding down the long dark lane and my foot is pressed down hard on the accelerator. It’s stuck to the pedal. I’m heading straight into the darkness. I’m heading straight towards that place where none of us would want to go. No one who knew that place would ever want to go there. But no one does know. No one who knew where that dark lane leads would ever go down it. No one does know however. No one does know because we’ve all got it back to front. I am speeding away from everything that was actually good in my life. I’m heading off in the opposite direction, leaving behind the only thing that’s actually worth anything. We are abandoning ourselves, giving up on ourselves. We’ve forgotten about ourselves already. I’ve forgotten all about myself – I couldn’t forget any quicker if I tried! It’s amazing how quickly you can forget about something, isn’t it? It’s amazing how quickly the curtains can come down. So many curtains have come down on me as I race down this dark dark lane my foot flat on the floor gunning it for all I’m worth. I got my lead boots on – I feel as if I have been possessed by some dark spirit. Why am I doing what I’m doing I ask myself, and then immediately fasten my attention on something else. There is inky darkness behind me and inky darkness ahead of me too. I’m racing towards the darkness. The engine is practically hopping out of the car! It’s hopping right out of the bonnet! It’s hopping like some kind of a crazy thing. I momentarily wonder if Satan is driving my car. Are AIs emotionally manipulating us via social media, I ask myself? Does Satan rule the world?








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