The Day I Escaped

Escape your skull

Escape your head

That dirty old cave –

Littered with a thousand empty beer cans

Full right up to the ceiling with stacks of old Apache pizza boxes



Just look at the state of the place –

Fruit-flies everywhere in a perpetual dank cloud

The unhappy ambience of old beer

The deeply personal odour of old laundry left in black plastic bin-bags

Heaped up in the corner and forgotten



Escape your skull my friend

Kick down the door and get the hell out of there

Crawl out of your cave whilst you still can

Before a tottering pile of empty pizza boxes

Falls on top of you and kills you



Outside I hear the sound of pelicans flapping

And monkeys calling to each other from the trees

A wood pigeon coos loudly from somewhere I can’t see

And a fat inquisitive bluebottle crawls purposefully into my ear



The insects are making a hell of a racket this morning –

There’s a buzzing and humming and chirping from the undergrowth

Almost an angry sound

The angry sound of primeval life –

Angry and yet eerily calm at the same time



Life is going about its business, oblivious to anything I might be thinking about

Over-ripe plums are hanging in profusion from the trees

They are swarming with black and yellow wasps

No one has come to pick them






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