Betrayed By Time

The moment had passed. It had been a good moment but it had passed, as all moments do. It had moved on. Why do all the moments pass, I asked sadly, but there was no one there to answer my question. The moment was gone; it had been a good moment whilst it had lasted but now it was no more. No more the moment, I whispered disconsolately to myself. The feeling of betrayal was immense – the moment had betrayed me, I realized. It had led me on and then it had betrayed me. I never should have trusted it, I said to myself. I never should have trusted. I never should have trusted. Time – the Great Betrayer. It promises so much but delivers nothing; it leaves us high and dry. What have you got up your sleeve today O Time you Betrayer, I whisper hoarsely. What marvels have you to show us? Time did not answer me however – it had moved on and left me behind. Time has gone racing ahead towards its goal and it has left me here, twiddling my thumbs like a fool in this benighted godforsaken backwater. What is the goal of time, they ask me, full of wonder and eager for exciting news. Wanting to know. Everyone’s always eager for exciting news. The goal of time is all greatness, all great things, all wonderful possibilities. The goal of time is technological advancement and progress of all kinds. The goal of time is all things streamlined. Trumpets are blaring out relentlessly and drums are beating and we can’t wait to see what is about to be unveiled. We all know that we have to buy tickets and jump on board the bus because god forbid we should miss out and become one of the sad ones one of the lonely ones one of the disconsolate ones forever berating themselves for having missed their chance. Forever berating themselves for missing the bus. There’s no one to blame but yourself then. There’s no one to blame except for myself I tell myself sadly. Because it’s myself I’m talking about here, not anyone else. There’s lots of blaming in store here, of that you can be sure. Plenty of blaming to be done, plenty of blaming required. Oh yes. Plenty of time for me to consider the folly of my ways. No shortage of time there at all, no need to stint myself. Only I can see now that it’s not my fault. Not my fault at all. It’s time’s fault – time has tricked me, time has let me down. Time has betrayed me, as it always does. Time isn’t going anywhere you see – it only says it is. Time’s a liar, when it comes down to it. What did time promise you, I wonder? I know what it promised me. All sorts of things, all sorts of things. All sorts of exciting stuff. I could hardly wait. But then the moment had passed, just like all the moments always pass. Leaving me in the lurch, leaving me high and dry. Leaving me sitting here like a complete lemon….




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