Confidence Trick

I was singing my glory song, which is something I often do when I am preparing for battle. I had chosen my shiny ebony body for the occasion, the ten foot tall one with six arms and two heads, one facing forwards and the other facing behind. It was a good all-round body and it had served me well in the past. It had proven its worth in many battles. As I sang my song I rotated my six scimitars from hand to hand, weaving a shimmery band of silver all the way around my body. As I sang I passed these blades from hand to hand ever faster until you could hear them join in the joyous battle song. I knew from experience this had an intimidating effect on the enemy hosts, who often turned and ran off at this stage even before engaging in battle. All mundane concerns had passed out of my consciousness at this point – I cared for nothing the gory drama that was about to unfold. I never had much interest in mundane concerns anyway, even at the best of times. Now I really didn’t care. The time had come and I for one was glad. Not so my enemies perhaps but I for one was done with waiting. Now we would throw the die high into the stormy sky and see how it falls. The time for prevarication had passed – everything lay in the hands of the gods now and I happened to be one of them! I make my way down the mountainside, howling my battle song as I come, and then reach the great grey plains where the battle is to be fought. Dust rises as I surge forward across the vast plain heedless of any danger. Grazing animals run panic-stricken in all directions. Flocks of birds rise into the air, calling out in their confusion. A herd of woolly mammoths see me coming and soil themselves in terror, too frightened to move out of the way. The time has come, I say to myself. The moment of my glory has arrived. I remember the motto from the Intreo jobseeker’s pack: ‘Try to present your weaknesses as strengths. Focus on the positive”. I enter the interview room and boldly take my place amongst my shamefaced fellow interviewees. Confidence is everything in this game I tell myself but I realize I may have gone too far. Confidence is a double-edged sword, after all – what makes you feel better can also hurt you. Those who laugh triumphantly one minute may cry out in anguished humiliation the next. The moment has come, I tell myself. My throat was dry – already I could feel my doom approaching…




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